What Everybody Ought to Know About Laundry Rooms

It all begins and ends with the laundry room; or does it really ever end? Laundry, that is. Where once we would own, “one good outfit” and a few select pieces to get through the workweek, Canadians now own and wear loads of clothing throughout the week. That means we’re spending more time doing laundry. […]

2017 Interior Design Show In Review

After spending all morning at this year’s Interior Design Show, I can honestly say we all left feeling inspired and motivated. It was great running into former classmates from my time at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute (now known as Ryerson University), as well as colleagues I’ve grown in the business with such as Andrew Pike and […]

The Best Tips for Holiday Entertaining

A familiar scent of baked goods fresh from the oven, catching sight of a certain tree ornament or recreating the family feast can evoke memories of what we cherish most: time with those we love during the holidays. Maybe this is the year you’ve decided to open your home to the neighbourhood, or entertain at […]

Choosing an Electric Fireplace

As I sit here writing this, I’m reminded of when I was looking to purchase a new home. There was never a question that I wanted a cozy den with a fireplace in it. Nothing compares to sitting quietly, reading by a real fire on a cold day. Or so I thought. Surprisingly, I ended […]