Can I Wear White Shoes After Labour Day?

Yes. There is still some summer weather outside, so enjoy. Want to make it last longer? I’ll tell you how. I want to meet, “they”. Who are these people who tell us that summer is over after Labour Day and it’s time to eliminate all white clothing and footwear from our wardrobe? Is it scientific? […]

How to Choose the Right Light Bulb For Your Home

With so many types of light bulbs to choose from, how do you know which ones are right for you? There’s more than watts involved in the decision! Use this guide to help illuminate your knowledge of today’s light bulbs. What’s in a light bulb? Incandescent bulbs produce light through electricity causing the hot tungsten […]

Easy Design Ideas for Renters

Everyday I come across at least one article that depicts the new reality of Millennials in Toronto’s red-hot real estate market. If working people can’t afford a home, how can they possibly afford to design their space into something they can call their own? I may not have all the answers to Toronto’s real estate […]

How to Add Flowers to Stay on Trend

I was working with a photographer shooting a recently completed design project. Everything looked pristine and camera-ready. He mentioned to me while he was shooting that he would never shoot a room without flowers in it. Luckily, we had beautifully arranged cut flowers in the room, but I understood his thought process. The difference is […]

Finally! New Flooring Finish Helps End Shopping Fatigue

  People are often surprised at the scope of work a designer takes on with every project. Many have confessed they initially thought I shopped for a living, but quickly learn it’s so much more than that. Along with drawing comprehensive, scaled floor plans, we often work with clients, builders, architects, contractors, manufacturers, and the […]

7 Ways to Add a Custom Look to Your Home

When we hear the word “custom” we tend to think of the words, “high-end” and “expensive”. This may be true, but in life, we generally get what we pay for: a cheap vehicle probably isn’t as sturdy, or well-built as one that’s higher priced. The same can be said for furniture. A sofa built using […]

How to Improve Your Lighting at Home

We have a great design studio location, but I have to confess, the lighting isn’t perfect. (Yes, even designers can become used to inefficiencies around them.) While reviewing different lighting options, I thought to myself, there must be lots of people who have great design style but could elevate it with the right lighting. So, […]