Top 5 Outdoor Furniture Products from Jardin de Ville

Outdoor patio products under a pavilion available at Jardin de Ville

It’s hard to think about outdoor furniture products when we very recently experienced an ice storm and sub-zero temperatures. Luckily, a new Summer Showroom  has arrived with a remarkable collection of outdoor patio furniture. Quebec-based, Jardin de Ville’ new Summer Showroom on Castlefield Avenue is a welcome sight!

They carry curated lines of high-end outdoor furniture products by leading international brands like Roda from Italy, Manutti and Royal Botania from Belgium and  Denmark’s Cane Line. These stunning collections are customizable and the craftsmanship is remarkable.

So, without further ado,  highlighting styles that range from traditional to contemporary, urban and modern, here are my top 5 outdoor patio furniture products from Jardin de Ville.

1. Moments

Cane Line’s, Moments modular seating can be configured to fit almost anywhere. The weather-resistant, soft rope covered frame provides a textural element to this minimalist design. It’s modern but curvy, soft and strong and would fit contemporary or modern style.

Cane Line Moments corner and two-seater module set new standards in multi-flexible design.

2. Folia

There’s a lot of thoughtful design behind the whimsical Folia chair from Royal Botania. The leaf-inspired pattern forms the chair back. I love the sculpted way the center “stem” forms the chair legs. Because this coated stainless steel chair is strong and ready for the elements, I would use them on their own as an accent chair, or around a table for outdoor dining.

Jardin de Ville’s, whimsical, yet elegant Folia chair from Royal Botania.

3. Moon Island

The Moon Island Collection is fun and playful if space is not an issue (no pun intended). The modular pieces can stand alone, curve into each other, or around a coffee table. Footstools are available to be used as coffee tables, side tables, seats and, of course, footstools. You can configure the pieces to suit your patio space. The nautical leather is the same you find on boat seats so it will handle the wear and tear of weather and UV rays.

Manutti’s Moon Island outdoor patio modular seating in white nautical leather. Footstools come in various sizes.

4. La Vida

I love Jardin de Ville’s Scandinavian inspired, La Vida Dining tables and chairs. The chairs are offered in black, white and grey coated aluminum. The table is available in all-black or topped with teak wood. The dining chairs are beautifully sculpted, so it suits those who love both mid-century and modern style.

Jardin de Ville’s Scandinavian inspired dining table, La Vida.

5. Piper

The Piper Furniture Collection by Roda is a great example of timeless design, it fits every style. With legs angled out, side support angled in, the Piper looks welcoming. The woven frame look sculpted and sturdy, while cushions and pillows offer depth and comfort. This line is as creative as it is extensive.

Roda’s Piper love seat. Also available in many styles and colours.

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If you need a fresh breath of warm summer inspiration right now, check out Jardin De Ville’s new Summer Showroom, open until fall. But you want to get there soon because as fast as it popped up it can also disappear!

Jardin de Ville Summer Showroom is at 1400 Castlefield Ave, Suite 101. It’s open Monday-Friday: 10-6 PM, Saturday: 10-5 PM and Saturday: 10-5 PM, Sunday: 12-5 PM.