5 Quick Tips for Closet Design

It’s just about that time again when I can’t stand looking through my closet. It is so jammed I can barely see to the top or back of it (does it even have walls…I can’t tell).


This is no Sex and The City Closet…this is serious stuff…no room to move things about and it’s really slowing me down in the mornings! Not to mention the potential danger factor: buried under stuff until my cat finds me and eventually eats me.

Ok, so here are five fast tips to get through closet overload.

  1. The obvious is to get rid of stuff!  I sort through things by taking everything out first and determining when was the last time I wore it. If it has been a year it goes out. There are plenty of places where items can go that can help those less fortunate. Consider Goodwill, Salvation Army, Local Food Banks (they often take clothes) or other charities like the Diabetes Foundation.  I have also found that local Women Shelters are desperate for clothing for their residents.
  2. Once items have been sorted, it’s time to return items to the closet. I purchase wooden hangers from Walmart, Ikea or even Loblaws.  These hold clothes better and are less likely to collapse under the weight of heavier pieces.  if you have old wire hangers left over, take them to the local dry cleaners as they will use them again. When Hanging clothes, I find that it is easier to hang by type and by Colour. I know this may sound a little “too up tight” but this is a life saver when in a hurry and living with little clothing storage.
  3. Adding shelves at the highest area of the closet above the hanging bar can be a good way to eak out extra space.  Often there is a large gap from the hanging rod to the ceiling that could hold more than one row of items. By having a handyman or carpenter add a second shelf here, you will have a another area to tuck items used rarely. This will keep the bottom area of the closet clear which should be for frequently used items as it is easier to access.
  4. If you have sliding doors into your closet and you have the room to change them to swing doors, this can make access to the closet much easier. With regular swing doors you can see into all parts of your closet at one time which can make getting stuff out much less taxing. Hire a local carpenter or handyman to do this job for you. In addition, a the inside of a regular swing door is a great place to hang a full length mirror or hooks for belts.
  5. Clear plastic bins are a great way to organize items within the closet. I use a series of them, stacked on top of each other at the back of my closet, for a variety of different items.  For instance I have separate bins for belts, purses, seasonal shoes, large jewelery pieces and sporting clothes. All of these are things that I need occassionly, but not all the time. It’s a good way to save space and to find things when needed. (I got mine at Ikea)

Closet space is always a challenge no matter how large the space. If you have the budget it is worth hiring a local carpenter to redo your closets with wood partitions and even drawers. It can make a small place much more usable, and it will last much longer than the typical wire racks and bins. It may seem like a lot of money at the out set but the peace of mind organization can bring is well worth it.