Coffee Table Decor


I was asked to contribute to the site HomePortfolio about coffee tables (my tips are listed on this great site). This got me thinking about how hard it is to find a good coffee table!! We are always serching for these and we really struggle to find just the right look. That said, we are now trending towards doing double rectangular coffee tables in large areas so that the middle area of a room is filled and it allows more seating areas access to a table top.

We also search for large square coffee tables that are at least 3′ by 3′. I love a large table in the centre of the room as it anchors the space and creates a centre focus!

If you prefer a large ottoman, that works as well, especially if you have childern as this makes the space super kid-friendly!

Or if you need more flexibilty in the room, add four upholsetered cube ottomans so you have a centre ‘table’ but also have the flexiblity to pull these apart to provide everyone with their own table/cube!

So that’s my quick thoughts on “table talk”!