Lively, interactive presentations.

Jane has spent over two decades educating and entertaining audiences as a keynote speaker throughout North America. Her one-of-a-kind presentation style is a must-see!

Jane Lockhart speaking in Miami, 2016. Fresh Connections: Floral Miami, 2016.

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Educational, corporate, consumer, and private speaking events

With over 20 years of educational, corporate, consumer and private speaking engagements under her belt, Jane is a leading voice in more than just award-winning design.

As an expert on colour, trends, consumer spending and millennials, Jane can bring a fresh voice to your next event.

Her friendly personality and great sense of humour ensure lively, interactive presentations packed full of energy, creativity and knowledge. She has worked across Canada and the US for corporations as a motivational speaker and facilitator, for universities as a guest lecturer, at consumer home shows and retail seminars.


Sample speaking topics

Global Trends and Their Impact on Shape, Texture, Form and Function

The world of design is not immune to the global changes occurring around us. As the population ages, demographics change and technology advances. So, how does design change along with it? See some of the unique design interpretations of global changes as researched and discovered by Jane. An avid observer and participant in the daily design world for over twenty years, see Jane’s unique view on design into the future.

Colour Trends

See where colour is going in the future. Be inspired with the next big colour, or just get the right paint colour for your home. This presentation follows the tracking and trending of colour to determine how colours are selected, why some stay as a trend and others are fads and learn what the new neutrals of the decade are.

Trends: What to Buy, What to Pass By

Taking a deeper look at trends based on economics, the buyers in today’s market and what endures, Jane takes us on an entertaining journey of history, demographics and social studies to better understand where we’re going in the future. We’ll also learn how colour plays a role in how we lived yesterday, and what we’re choosing for tomorrow.

Millennials: Understanding This Growing, Diverse Generation

This larger-than-boomers generation has their own way of shopping, living and working. This affects everything from the economy to how we will design homes in the future. Jane dispels the commonly held thought about millennial privilege and why it’s important we understand this growing, diverse generation.

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for Designers and Members of ARIDO

Jane researches and designs original, lively CEU accredited courses for members of the design, décor, architectural and building communities. Topics include:

  • Jenn-Air’s Downdraft Ventilation System
  • Marketing Your Best Asset: Becoming Your Brand
  • Universal Design
  • Millennials: Understanding This Growing, Diverse Generation
  • Shaping an Interior Space With Light


Make Jane a part of your next big event.