The Glen Abbey Encore Presentation Centre (We Did It!)

When we work with residential clients, communication is very important and usually pretty straight-forward. We talk and listen to the client, the trades, the builder, the architect. When you take on a commercial project, it’s generally the same, unless that project is a presentation centre for multiple builders! The Project We’ve been working on the […]

5 Ways to Create Your Child’s Dream Bedroom

Through a variety of media exposure, our children can become enamored with favourite characters and want to buy into all the themed toys, food, clothes, décor and accessories. The problem is our children will outgrow their affinity to the theme well before our wallets recover from the purchases.

8 Fabulous Designer Upgrades For Your Master Bathroom

Planning a renovation or update to your master bathroom and want to add some designer touches? Here are my eight fabulous designer upgrades for your master bathroom. It’s more than just fixtures and finishes. A little pre-planning can help incorporate additions to make your bathroom more functional and beautiful.

Basement Family Room Ideas

Whether you call it a rumpus room, rec. room, basement family room, the subterranean space below your main floor is like a buried treasure. Although it may hover near the bottom of your priority list for renovating, this underused space can be pure gold in the form of useable square footage.