Our 6-step design process

It doesn’t have to be complicated.


You have an idea. You want to update your home. Whether that means building a new home or renovating the one you have, you’ve decided to work with a professional and experienced design team. We want to help you understand what you’re taking on, so here is the process you can expect, because after all, we’ll be in this together. Before we meet, start dreaming. Find photos of rooms, colours, fabrics, etc that you love and start an inspiration file.


Think of our first meeting like you would a first date, except we’re going to get to know all about your house (and each other). We’ll measure rooms and ask questions like, “How do you use this space?” Not great first date material, but it’s important for your project. During this visit, we’ll determine how big your project is, also known as scope of work and we’ll look at the photos you’ve been collecting to determine your style and vision. You may be assigned homework to prepare you for the next step, like looking at the cost of furnishings and fixtures to help determine your budget.


It’s now up to us to interpret your vision as part of the design development. When we present it you’ll know we, “get you”. What a great second date! But this is also when any changes can be discussed and considered. We may need to go back to the drawing board (see what we did there?) to finesse your vision by incorporating changes.


With the scope of work determined, and the design development clarified, we then generate technical drawings. These drawings clarify your vision precisely and will be essential throughout the process to the contractor, trades and you. It's like we’re now in a relationship when you really get to know someone... right down to where they like to eat their breakfast.


We’re getting more familiar with your house (and you) and it’s time to get down to the (lug) nuts and bolts (of fabric). This decision-making process brings you closer to the final vision. We’ll work together to select specific colours, furniture, materials, finishes, fixtures, window covering and lighting, etc. This list may be larger or smaller depending on the scope of work. Every part of this process has its own schedule, but we work hard to bring it all together so you can realize your vision.


Like fine wine, quality takes time. We endeavour to make things happen smoothly and quickly but good design takes time to create and build, like a long-term relationship. Soon you’ll see it’s worth it.

When its complete, we’ll consider it a successful relationship when you fall in love with your home and Love Your Space, again.

Design Philosophy

Design isn’t a passive thing. It’s an expression of style. It’s meant to reach into your heart and envelop your soul. It stirs emotion and dares you to react. It’s tiny hairs standing up on your arm, it’s the smile that slowly stretches across your face. It’s visceral.

The essence of design is a slight nod to trends, informed by classic form and function. It’s more than a colour, a texture or a shift in placement, it’s the big picture, it’s all of it.

Good design should change someone’s life, improve it. It’s an expression of your sense of taste, made by stirring dreams with details to create an everlasting result.

A good designer practices and grows into their craft, honed over time, cultivating talent, knowledge, sources and business acumen.

A good designer also knows, just by looking at something when it isn’t perfect.

Jane knows. Because perfection is the baseline and no one works harder at perfecting design. Her years of constantly developing her artistic/creative/inspired side with the logical/ scientific/business side is reflected in every completed project.

From contributing to, and submitting architectural drawings for permits, to overseeing the fine details of large-scale luxury home projects, Jane anticipates every construction, architectural and installation detail. Her personal investment into good design is there from concept to move-in.

Jane and her team believe in creating transformative experiences through good design.