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Corporate and product research has demonstrated that when an initial product launch fails to produce significant sales numbers, the product is re-coloured, rather than re-styled. The right colour for a product can have long reaching and positive effects in its category. And colour can help to establish and enhance a Brand’s market presence.

Jane Lockhart Interior Design continues to work with leading companies within the lifestyle and home décor categories who value enhanced brand recognition through targeted colour selections for their products.

Colour Image

Colour is an important sensory interaction a consumer has with a product. To overlook specific colour details, is to overlook a major element of good design. Colour image is the term we use to describe the feel and interpretation a product is given based on a number of common colour factors shared by consumers of a brand. The wrong colour will negatively affect the colour image, the brand and potential sales.

“To overlook specific colour details, is to overlook a major element of good design.”

Jane Lockhart Interior Design services to consider:

  • colour consulting/selection for specific products
  • colour consulting to create collections or colour groupings
  • colour trends and forecasting
  • colour analysis of existing product colours
  • corporate colour presentations


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