Special Projects

We’re always up for something special!

Special event wine tasting.

Something different

Sometimes we’re asked to do something different—related to, but not what we’d consider the usual. It’s those “out-of-the-house” jobs that add more fun of our profession and we love to be part of special events.

Let’s partner on a project

Partnering with major brands through their PR agencies, we’ve helped create immersive, interactive experiences. Past projects include:

  • a life-sized, Christmas display at Loblaw’s Maple Leaf Gardens location.
  • an interactive food and design event with Chef Chuck Hughes for the online blogging community
  • on-going work with non-profit organizations

We’re always up for applying our design skills where they can make a bigger difference.


Each fall we look forward to working with Festival Style Magazine, the sponsors of the Green Room in Roy Thomson Hall during the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Partnering with many furniture, décor and art studios in Toronto, we’ve turned bland beige meeting rooms into glamourous, high style spaces for the stars to hang out back stage.


When LG wanted to engage bloggers and influencers with their new line of kitchen appliances, they brought in chef Chuck Hughes to help them prepare a dish and Jane Lockhart to give kitchen design advice. We were given the task of designing the almost empty, loft-like space into a contemporary, cozy living area in the pop up’s location. The event and an additional meet and greet at Lowe’s were well executed by LG One Canada.


Loblaws’ larger-than-life sized Christmas table, complete with a giant yule log and candies was the setting for children to meet Santa at the Maple Leaf Gardens store. Working with Mosaic North America, we helped kick the concept up to an Instagram-able level!

Estate Interiors

Working with Frank Manno, Principal at Estate Interiors we created a state of the fabricating arts exhibit for the Interior Design Show in Toronto. Inspired by the unlimited scope fabrication can bring to life (with the right fabricator) we set out to make panel moulds and features to entice designers. No angle, shape or material was off-limits. We used wood, metal, faux fur and more to show off furnishings, wall treatments, and more.

Chair Affair

Chair Affair is an annual gala fundraising event for the Furniture Bank in Toronto. Each year, our contribution is a personally designed upholstered piece to be auctioned off at the event. It’s a privilege to participate with some of the finest interior designers in the city.

George Hull Centre

The George Hull Centre for Children and Families is a non-profit organization that provides mental health care to children up to 18 years and their families. Their four family rooms were in need of a makeover. Cold, dated and uncomfortable is not how you should describe a space for healing. We set out, with partners to make a difference.

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