Residential Interior Design

Make your home an expression of you! We can help you design your new home and realize your vision, from the ground, up.


New build in progress.

New Home Design

We work with architects, developers and builders to create new, residential plans. From Computer assisted drawings that indicate, electrical, plumbing and lighting placement, to fine architectural details like trim work and finishes. We work collaboratively with the professionals and speak their language to ensure your vision is realized.

Our expertise carries over into the building process. We’ll help coordinate suppliers and trades and be available to answer questions. We’re the last ones to leave before the keys get handed over because we want to ensure that every last detail is just right.

The Jet Chair, Jane by Jane Lockhart.


If you love your neighbourhood, why move? A home renovation is an opportunity to change your home and design it to fit your changing needs.

Although it is a daunting task to consider — it’s a large time, financial and emotional commitment — the outcome can be outstanding and worth the investment.

At some point in a house’s life cycle, it’ll need upgrading or at least a refresh for multiple reasons. Renovating not only improves your home’s function and technological infrastructure, it can also improve flow, comfort and market value.

We can work directly with architects, contractors and builders to help design the concept, plan the layout, order the fixtures, design materials, furnishings and finishes and complete the vision of your renovation project.

CAD drawing

Space Planning

When making changes to your home, it’s important to have a plan, an overview for everyone to follow. Meticulously measured, a plan will tell you exactly what will work, and where. Whether you’re adding a room or building a whole house a professional drawing will ensure flow, function and form.

From ceiling lighting placement to cabinetry install locators, we measure, then create CAD (computer-aided design) plans for space planning and building projects. It takes all the guess work out and becomes a valuable blueprint for the contractors, trades and designers.

It’s possible to have it all.

Leave all your home details to us. Simple improvements like new, stylish and comfortable furniture, better closet organization, or fresh clean colours or whole interior home redesign, we do it all.

“Spending time and money on your home is an investment in you and your life.”

Whether working with a celebrity clientele from around the world or homeowners requiring a specially designed home in Canada, Jane Lockhart Design loves creating‎ spaces that fit the style and function of all our clients’ needs.


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