Gintare Forberg, BID, NCIDQ


Gintare Forberg

Before she even graduated with a degree from the Ryerson School of Interior Design, Gintare was already working as an intern at Jane Lockhart Design.

From creating AutoCAD drawings to finishing touches, Gintare makes a great contribution to the team’s design successes.

When Gintare was in her second year she started interning with Jane and her team. She had computer-aided design (CAD) experience and was helpful assisting on project planning.

By the time she graduated, Gintare was elevated to Junior Designer and was able to work on many team projects including model home design and large-scale residential projects.

Her job allows her to be creative every day and she incorporates her passion for her work in every aspect including accessorizing and staging for photo shoots.

“I cannot say enough nice things about how professional and knowledgable you are. I'm so excited to go out and get samples to paint my walls! I loved all your input and suggestions and can't wait to see the drawings for the built-ins!”

C. M., Toronto

Gintare’s Interior Design Tips