Jeff Palmeter, BID


Jeff Palmeter

Jeff’s natural talent shines through his interior design projects. From planning to styling, he can interpret a client’s style and vision and deliver beyond expectation.

Jeff was heading in an entirely different field of work when he took a part time job as a window and display maker for a major retail chain. It changed the course of his future and led him to Ryerson School of Interior Design.

After graduating with a Bachelor Interior Design (BID), Jeff went to work as Jane’s stylist on her TV show, Colour Confidential from 2007 to 2011. That’s when he started working for Jane’s firm, eventually taking on his own clientele.

Television is an intense education, where timing and deadlines are unyielding and attention to detail is the key. Jeff and Jane worked well together their individual style and knowledge complemented the other.

“Our strengths are in different areas, together we make spectacular results. Jane’s wealth of knowledge about the history of design and her extensive mental inventory of different products and applications of material is invaluable. She taught me how to understand the work process of a design project. It was all new to me when I moved from school to working as a stylist and designer”, Jeff says.

Today, as a Senior Designer in the firm, Jeff is successfully building his own roster of clients.

Jeff’s Interior Design Tips

“Working with Jeff is absolutely terrific. He is imaginative, creative and resourceful with an acute, sophisticated sense of design. Knowledgeable and thoroughly professional, he is also fun to be with! I was particularly impressed with the attention he paid to discovering my taste and enhancing it, rather than imposing his own. As a designer he is, truly, top of the line!”


“Jeff is a gifted designer with a great personality. His collaborative style is much welcomed and we are very happy with his work.

We would definitely recommend him to everyone we know who needs interior design advice.”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why design?

    I’ve always loved anything in visual arts. As a child, I was always creative and would constantly have my fingers in some kind of art project. Sometimes you’re pre-wired for a certain field.

  • What are your three favourite words in design?

    Colour, texture and contrast. I always strive to include at least one—if not all of these design conceits in my styling.

  • What does that mean?

    Imagine a richly coloured pillow in a supple textured fabric contrasted with smooth lines. That shows colour, texture and contrast.

  • What were you studying before you decided on interior design?

    Forensic psychology. It was a brand new course at Dalhousie University (I’m from Nova Scotia) that fascinated and horrified me at the same time, learning all about the things crazy people are capable of.

  • When did you know you wanted to be an interior designer?

    I worked as a visual merchandiser, a window and display maker for a large retail chain. I loved it, it was creative and appealed to me.

    The company recognized my efforts and brought me to Toronto from Nova Scotia when I went to work for head office. It was then I realized my strengths in creativity in the styling world and decided to pursue it. It wasn’t long after that I enrolled at the Ryerson University School of Interior Design.

  • What was the takeaway of the course, for you?

    Design and styling are different things in the interior design world. I believe that they go hand in hand. When I design and style for our projects, I make the two work together. I realize how important it is to go that extra distance in design and make sure that the styling is perfect. I believe you must finish a design project to its fullest realization.