5 Easy Ways To Update Your Kitchen

Renovated kitchen

The kitchen is the second most expensive room to renovate per square foot, after the bathroom. However, if a full makeover isn’t in the plans, here are five easy ways to update your kitchen.

1. Bring in some nature

Jenn Air Range and ovens at Windermere

A trio of simple cutting boards make a big design statement and bring in the warmth to white cabinetry.

For years, kitchen cabinets have been built out of wood; oak, maple, cherry, and pine woods. Solid wood is beautiful, hard-wearing and certainly lasts. It’s long been considered a good investment, and if you’re still satisfied with their performance and style there’s no need to replace them.

In recent years the popularity of the white kitchen has grown and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s a crisp look and seems to defy the aging process. But, if you want to update your kitchen, adding in some natural wood tones is a good place to start.

Whether it’s a small accessory on display or you’re mixing wood cabinetry with white, having both is a brilliant way to update your kitchen.

Wood island, white cabinets kitchen

A classic kitchen mixes white cabinetry on the perimeter with wood on the island.

The key is balance. You can use wooden cabinets, on just the lowers, the island or just the uppers, and use white (or a new colour) everywhere else.

kitchen cabinets colour

A touch of warm colour on the Aya cabinets is a beautiful alternative to white.

Yes, adding colour to wood used to be considered heresy, but if you want to, go ahead and paint.

2. Update your door profile

If you are ready to replace your door fronts, it’s good to know that replacement cabinetry is getting less complicated and more widely available. One of the most enduring styles is the shaker style. It’s a simply trimmed door that is now also getting updated with colour—especially navy, blue and black.

Where we used to talk about door profiles in terms of raised panels and beveled edges, today we’re seeing a greater demand for sleek, slab doors in a matte or glossy finish.

Shaker kitchen cabinets in white

Shaker style cabinets in white, with custom trim.

As technology advances, we’re also seeing new fabrications used in custom cabinetry. Many modern door-fronts are now fabricated in wood, plastic laminate, mirror, steel, and other metals.

3. Update your hardware

contemporary crystal door knob

A simple update like new hardware makes a big impact!

Knobs and pulls, even faucets and taps can date a kitchen quickly. Updating and upgrading these simple pieces of kitchen jewelry is nowhere near as costly as a full kitchen renovation.

4. Lose the uppers

Kitchen reno no uppers

No uppers? Not a problem. Many people are designing their kitchens without upper cabinetry.

Kitchens have long been considered behind-the-scenes spaces, but that distinction is moving into the past. The kitchen is becoming more like the rest of the main floor. You can blur the lines by blending colour, style, and layout in an open-concept format.

Open concept modern kitchen

Blending style, colours and fixtures allows the kitchen to be as beautiful as the rest of your living space.

5. Add a hint of bling to update your kitchen

Wold Gold Bezels

Gold Bezels add a chic update to the iconic Wolf range.

Many manufacturers are adding trending metals to appliances. We’re seeing warm brass, gold and rose gold added to appliances. Here, the trademark red knobs on the Wolf range get an update with gold bezels—a grooved ring holding the glass or plastic cover of a watch face or other instrument in position.

Small changes can make a big impact when you update your kitchen. For more inspiration, visit our kitchen portfolio.