5 Great Reasons to Hire a Designer When You Renovate

Working in residential design has taught me many things, the least of which is that when you scratch the surface to change a small part of your home, it can grow into a much bigger project.

That’s because renovating a house means tying old with new, removing older “layers” before rebuilding. That’s just one reality we deal with regularly.

Bathroom renovation

1. The process is bossy and so are we

There is an order to everything and it’s never a good idea to try to skip ahead to the ending. We create the plan, the drawings and we know when things need to be addressed and generally how long they take. A designer will help break down the process for you and guide you through to the finish(es).

2. We know people, we’re connected

You may know a guy, and that’s ok. You hire the contractor, but we’re happy to recommend trustworthy and capable contractors and tradespeople. We only recommend people we know can do the job, and will work well with us. Then we help select, coordinate, facilitate, order, advise and manage expectations throughout the process.

You may be asking yourself if managing expectations is even a thing. Trust me, renovating is stressful, messy and can seem endless. You’ll be glad you have a designer to keep everyone calm especially when things go wrong.

3. Things go wrong

Do you want to manage your project and be the problem solver when things go wrong? Do you excel at confrontation or making stern phone calls? You may not need us. But our role is to communicate, problem solve and get everything back on track as soon as possible.

4. You have a role and YOU have a role…

What exactly is the home owner’s role during a renovation? You will be making a lot of decisions. You are the decision-maker, the designer is the adviser, and facilitator. The contractor leads the trades and advises on best construction methods. Without a designer, you’re taking on a lot of extra roles.

5. Deadlines are fictional

Christmas isn’t a deadline. You may think that the holidays are a good time to have everything done, but you can’t always make everything happen on your timeline. If this isn’t clear, please see point 1.

A designer will map out the plan for you but if your two-flush custom-height toilet is not on this continent by the time the lights are on the tree, you may not have a powder room for your guests. A designer will let you know in advance if there are problems (see point 2).

Before you take on a renovation project at your house, consult a designer. For the price of an hour-long consultation you may end up saving thousands of dollars in the end. So, SURPRISE! That makes six great reasons to hire a designer and you made it to the end without skipping ahead (or did you?).