5 Ways to Create Your Child’s Dream Bedroom

Baby Nursery and more

This nursery room will grow with the baby. Change out the crib for a bed and it still suits a growing child.

I’m just going to say it. Jump off the cartoon-themed decorating train. Instead, here are at least five ways to create your child’s dream bedroom without going broke.

Through a variety of media exposure, our children can become enamored with favourite characters and want to buy into all the themed toys, food, clothes, décor and accessories. The problem is our children will outgrow their affinity to the theme well before our wallets recover from the purchases.

If you really want to indulge your children, here are five ways to create your child’s dream bedroom.

1. Choose a Neutral Palette

Kid's Blue bedroom

A soft blue is neutral in this bedroom, it will grow with the children.

I know it goes against all decorating trends but please resist the urge to go all-in on colour. Choose neutrals for walls, furnishings, flooring, fixtures, carpets and window coverings. Neutral doesn’t mean beige, it means consistency.

2. Add Colour Through Accessories

pink and black baby room

Black adds a pop of contrast and a Parisian flair to this baby’s room. (Crib bumpers and bedding are for photographic purposes only). As the child grows, the carpet, drapes, most furnishings, etc. can remain.

Bring in colour with accessories like pillows and toys. By keeping the backdrop neutral, you can make inexpensive updates while enjoying the longevity of your investment.

  3. Create Zones Within the Room

Work, play, sleep, read in a kids bedroom

Children can read, play, study and sleep in this cozy bedroom

Children need space to play, sleep, study, dress and dream. Where we see four walls, they see adventure, fun, a place to express themselves and rest. So, how can we make the most of those four walls? Think beyond the space being a single room, think of it as several zones.

By separating activities, you can show your child how their room is truly their own space, with everything they need -except food and you!

Sleep, dream, study, play. Repeat.

4. Add Storage (Your New Best Friend)

Kids playroom

If you have space, turn an unused room into a play/study room.

It’s a parent’s dream to be able to contain toys, crafts, books, etc. But, with space at a premium, most homes do not have a dedicated playroom. So, do yourself a favour, design your best way to store and contain your children’s stuff.

Most children aren’t interested in how their clothes are stored, that’s more for you, but when it comes to their things you want to make it a battle-free zone. Keep storage at an accessible height and easy to use, like soft baskets and other open storage options.

5. Add Dreaming to the Children’s Bedroom, Create a Quiet Place

Child's reading nook

Utilizing all your space, consider a cozy reading nook under the stairs or place a comfy chair in a corner in the bedroom.

While we love to encourage our children to play and have fun, sometimes we also need to encourage peace and quiet. Think of creating a zone-out space where reading and quiet time is encouraged. A big, comfy chair or cushioned bench seat will invite children to snuggle in and use their imagination…quietly.

Don’t forget to include your children in the planning, after all, it is their room. If they insist on that cartoon themed decor, simply add a piece for peace or just buy the toothbrush. They’ll use it every day.