Interior Design: 5 More Things That Must Be Stopped!

As I work with clients daily I have continued to noticed a plethora of things in Interior Design that really need to meet with a quick and definite end!  I think the list will seem quite obvious as you read through.

1)  Do-it-Yourself Upholstery

There is only one professional upholsterer and You are not him!

With the age of DIY still upon us, I know many of us like to believe we can do anything around the house no matter what skills are actually required.  Now, there are fairly simple projects that most people can successfully do on their own like a rectangular padded head board. Straight forward and fairly simple.

But when it comes to recovering your sofa, that requires a whole bunch of other special skills.  If you want to redo a piece of furniture, it’s worth having a professional do it for you so it doesn’t look like you did it yourself!

Please note: It’s never a compliment when someone says to you: “Did you do that yourself?” What they are really asking is “Why did you do it yourself?”

2)  Slipcovers that look like Giant Shower Caps!

Ok, I understand what you are trying to do….the sofa is awful and at least by covering it with plain fabric it makes it tolerable until you are able to get a new one.

The problem with these slipcovers that you order off the internet is the “one-size-fits-all” mentality.  Although most sofas are fairly consistent in size, this slipcover has to be big enough to fit any dimension so it’s often made bigger….

….It’s a giant shower cap-shaped fabric cover with an elastic base, that gets placed over the sofa and tucked in.

It just never fits right and becomes terribly messy quickly.  The solution is to either find a local company that makes made-to-order slipcovers or simply reupholster the piece.  It will be a better deal in the long run.

3)  The Messy Mantle

The mantle is for display….not display of everything you have ever owned and thought was important to showcase for your entire life!.

This is one location where “less is more”.  If you don’t fill the mantle with a tonne of stuff, the better the few pieces you do place will look.  If you find this tricky, limit yourself to only three items on the mantle.  Choose from your “collections”, the pieces you really want to showcase and that people will associate to you and your style.   Don’t make it complicated or who knows what people will be thinking about you!

4)  Plants Stuck in Corners

This is definitely a ‘pet peeve’….I always know when a client is struggling with having an empty area because they feel totally compelled to buy a giant plant and stick it in the corner.

Plants are lovely as long as they are confined to table tops and manageable surfaces.  I love plants….don’t get me wrong….but what tends to happen is that small plants become big trees that take over an area or worse, they become mangy and dust-filled. With watering, damage can happen to the surrounding area if it isn’t carefully attended to.  This does not add to your decor!!  Keep the trees outside and place the odd plant here and there for oxygen and greenery.

There is one thing worse than plants stuck in corners: FAKE PLANTS STUCK IN CORNERS!   (Please notice this is in capitals and I am yelling!)

5) Open Storage Shelves

This is a topic that requires full honesty:

Ask yourself: Are you really going to keep those open bookshelves clean no matter how busy you are?  Do you swear it??   (this includes dusting as well)

I didn’t think so!

If you really don’t have it in you to line up books, papers, photos and kick-knacks perfectly and forever, then opt for doors instead!  You can still have the shelves, just hide them behind closed doors as this will allow a room to maintain a level of order much longer. Open shelves just invite mess so don’t even give yourself the chance!