5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Purchase a Sofa

The sofa is one of the most ubiquitous furniture pieces in a home and yet few purchasers really ask the right questions before they buy. Clearly, price is an important question but beyond that how do you make the right purchase, the first time out?

Ask these five important questions.



1. Short arm or long?

Determine if you need a full arm or a shorter arm. Sounds simple right? But often people buy a sofa on looks only; not realizing the arm length will make a difference to their enjoyment. A longer arm is better if you want to watch TV, surf your laptop or if you like to hold a drink. The arm of the sofa supports your arm, so keep this small detail in mind as you shop for your choices.

2. Are you gaming on your sofa or binge-watching Netflix?

If so, look for a high-backed sofa that supports your shoulders and neck. Don’t fall for low-backed modern sofas that look great, but perform very little in enhancing YOUR lifestyle. The sofa needs to match what you are actually doing on it!

3. How tall are you?

If you are taller than average or have back problems, consider a harder seat pillow and fitted back pillow to provide better overall support. And ‎select a sofa seat that is standard height or higher to aid in getting up. Firmer is better in this case. Or if you are purchasing a sofa for a more formal room, also consider firmer seating so it’s better for guests.

4. Are you a lounger?

If you prefer to lie down when watching TV, then consider several things like having one bench pillow rather than three. This will be more comfortable. Or purchase a sofa with one seat replaced with a chaise, as it will allow you to lounge without hogging the whole sofa!

5. Do you plan to keep the sofa for a while?

If you don’t have a lot of time to put into sofa shopping, purchase a good sofa and keep it for numerous years. Well-built and locally made will be a better investment in the long run than buying uncomfortable and cheaper furniture that doesn’t meet your needs. ‎Let’s face, time is money so don’t cheap out. Better is better!

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