5 Tips To Add Colour To Your Family Room

How to go from bland to beautiful with colour in just a few hours!

Here are five quick tips to take your family room from bland and boring to beautiful in just a couple of hours!


1. Paint

The quickest and most effective way to add colour in a new room is to paint! If you are too afraid to paint your whole room a new colour, consider painting just the focal wall. Remember, this is the first wall you see when you walk into the room; this is your ‘money wall’.

2. Switch out tired pieces of furniture

Most of us have a living room composed of a few pieces of furniture with great bones and then those ‘other’ pieces we have picked up along the way. If you want to makeover a room, but don’t have a large budget, keep the solid pieces and update the others that are looking tired and worn.

3. Accessorize

If you are adding a new colour into your décor, this can be easily done with accessories! Choose three colours you want to use. Make sure one is bolder and stands out against the others. Buy blankets, throw pillows, maybe a new rug and smaller accessories to carry this colour theme right through the room.

4. Art

Art will make or break any room. I find sometimes people will get 90% of the way through a makeover and then drop the ball when it comes to the art. Art is just as important as the rest of the room. Decide what look you are going for and choose artwork that fits your theme. In this room, we did a gallery wall and combined both canvas art and framed art.

5. Everything doesn’t need to match

In the picture here, I choose a couple different wood types, in a pretty similar colour and put them together. This creates a theme called ‘found Object’, which basically means it looks like you picked really eclectic pieces from all over and put them together to create the perfect room! I also did this with the artwork, the frames don’t match, but still look great together!

These 5 simple and easy tips will help you take your room from ordinary and make it extraordinary!