6 Fail-proof Ways To Give Your Guests Their Best Night’s Sleep

If your visitors consider an inflatable mattress too fancy, preferring to sprawl out on the living room sofa, you’re lucky. Your preparation and planning should be a breeze. But not all guests are that low maintenance. Others have higher expectations. Like a bed, and a room, with a door for privacy. Fussy.

Getting your home, “guest-ready” can make the difference between a great time and a lost weekend. I have some ideas that will make them never want to leave. If that’s not your goal, just enjoy the read.

Create an extra bedroom

Space can be at a premium if you live in a small house or condo. If you have a small den it’s a good candidate for you and your guests to have a multipurpose space. One room can become:

  • a guest room
  • home office
  • extra closet space.

This can be a custom solution, but some big box stores carry kits to help DIY-ers.

One option is to install a wall bed. Pull it down for sleeping, tuck it away during the day. You can maximize the vertical space by installing cabinetry from floor to ceiling. Conceal hanging garments in tall cupboards and handy drawers for everything else. With good design, you can also add a desk and office storage and put that small space to work.

If the sofa is your only option for overnight guests, choose a deep, comfortable one that’s ample enough for sleeping. If you need some ideas, check out the Nova sofa from the collection. It’s great for lounging, entertaining or napping after a long day.

Make a Cozy Bed

Treat your guests to fresh linens, fluffy comforters and ample, soft pillows. All will all help contribute to a good night’s sleep. Store linens with dryer sheets to keep them smelling fresh after laundering.

Create A Basket Full of Essentials

A large basket full of clean, fluffy towels and essential toiletries can be a welcome sight for weary travelers. Tuck in a short list of must-have information like your Wi-Fi name and password, emergency contacts, and don’t forget the cork screw.

Leave a Stack of Great Books and Magazines

Falling asleep at night might not come easy to guests. Have an assortment of books and up to date magazines near the bed for guests who either struggle to fall asleep in a new space or wake at the crack of dawn. A good reading light by the bed will be helpful for guests up in the night.

Create a Private Coffee and Snack Bar

Like hotel rooms, you can create a coffee station with a coffee maker and a collection of coffee, tea and cocoa, mugs, spoons and napkins. If you have the space for a small bar fridge in the room, stock it with cold beverages, milk and cream, and snacks for hungry guests.

Leave a Treat on the Pillow

Legend has it that a famous actor, while staying at the Mayfair Hotel in St Louis requested staff place a trail of chocolates in his room leading from the door to the bed. It was for a tryst he was planning. The staff liked at least part of the idea and adopted the chocolate-on-the-pillow for guests. How about placing a retro candy like Charms’ Lollipops, candy necklaces or a packet of Sweet Tarts on the pillow for an added touch?

It’s a great feeling when you’ve made your guests feel comfortable enough to enjoy a good night’s sleep, or two, or more.