6 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for Spring


Although Canadian weather can be very unpredictable, to me the month of April signifies we’re in the midst of change!

The spring season not only means the reduction of snowstorms and frigid temperatures (can you tell how much I dislike winter?), but it also signals to me it’s time to spruce up your home.

Painting your living room a new colour, rearranging furniture or adding new accessories are just some of the many changes you can make to give your home a new look. Even if outside doesn’t resemble spring, yet, use this guide to ensure your home does.


1. Add a New Coat of Paint


If you follow me on social media, this suggestion probably isn’t a surprise. It’s not because I love to paint, but certain paint colours can actually act as triggers to certain moods, feelings and emotions.

A fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive option to give your walls renewed energy and your home an update. It’s also a fun DIY project!


2. Wall Art

Along with applying a new paint colour, or wallpaper, updating your wall art can also add new life to your home.

Art is something that’s subjective, everyone has their own taste, but there is plenty of choice in the market that can match the exact feel you intend for a specific room. You can find art for your walls in most décor stores or visit an art gallery and splurge on original art.


3. New Area Rugs, Anyone?


When you think about making a change in your home, what runs through your mind? New furniture? New accessories? More often than not, our floors are the last thing we tend to consider. But a new area rug provides another opportunity to add style, colour and definition to your room.

Purchase the best quality area rug you can afford and make sure it’s not too small for the space. You don’t want a postage stamp sized rug in the middle of the room, it’ll make a large room look small. A lower quality rug will show wear and tear faster depending on how busy the foot traffic is in the room. For a great selection, one of my favourite rug companies in the GTA is, Speers Road Broadloom.


4. Pillows

As I’ve said before husbands will never understand our obsession with pillows, but I say the more, the merrier.

When it comes to decorating your sofa, add colourful, patterned pillows for vibrancy and new life to it. Remember, linens and fabrics bring personality to a room.


5. Bedding


Any excuse to enhance your sleep at night, is a good one! Whether you prefer a comforter made of down, feather, or synthetic materials, you ultimately want bedding that’s also appealing to the eyes.

Bedding is an accessory that often goes unnoticed, but the change in seasons will give you an opportunity to add to your stock of comforters and sheets!


6. Rearranging Your Furniture


For some of you, this may not be something you have to add to your spring checklist, as you’re constantly rearranging the furniture in your home. This is something I try to do in our showroom every so often to spruce it up and add new floor model pieces.

Something as simple as changing the floor plan of whichever room you choose can have a similar effect as applying a new coat of paint!

During the dark months of winter, it’s easy to get uninspired about your home, but if you use this guide, it will give you another reason to love your space again.