8 Easy Tips to Get You Out of Your Decorating Slump


It is so easy to fall into a decorating slump. With the change of seasons, sometimes it is hard to know how to incorporate this into your home. Below, I have put together a list of eight easy design tips to get you out of your decorating slump.

1. Choose Three Core Colours

If using a vignette helps you visualize your design project before putting it into action, use a vignette. Start with three core colours to help you create a really cohesive look.

2. Add Legs

Adding legs or interchanging the legs on your furniture is a great way to update your look or get extra mileage out of your furniture. An example of a softer look that is also refreshing, would be the addition of gold legs on both your coffee table and sofa.

3. Identify Your Vision

Don’t go to the store and think that you are going to be able to identify the entire theme for your room while there. Come up with the plan beforehand. Do some research or you could even create a mood board. If this sounds like too much work, think about creating a Pinterest board.

I tell my clients to shop online, print out what they like and then put it all together. Always arm yourself with a plan before you go out, otherwise you may be overwhelmed.

4. Have Fun With Shades


Here, we took a cool-toned neutral palette of grey and white and introduced summer into this look with a pop of orange and red. This immediately brightens the space and gives it a lighter feel. In your home, try not to stick to one shade of your chosen colour. Instead, use varying shades to complete the look. If you stick to one shade, the room can fall flat really easily.

5. Clean Your Slate

I must confess – I hate clutter! It’s a visual distraction that takes away from the overall design of the room. That being said before you start to redesign a room, give it a really good clean and then remove all of the clutter, that will give you a starting point!

6. Fill Your Home With Things You Love


This may seem obvious to you, but I have to remind my clients about this all the time. This is your home where you want to be comfortable, so don’t remove yourself from the design. Try to pick a palette or style that you love and then fill the space with the elements that speak to you so that you will want to be in your own space.

7. Paint It

The quickest and cheapest way to breathe new life into a room is to add a new coat of paint. Painting a room adds an instant facelift and gives the room new vitality. Try to pick something that you haven’t done before or maybe go a little outside of your comfort zone.

8.Use Pillows and Throws


Pillows and throws are a great way to add texture to a room. They also help to spread a colour or style throughout the space, while adding softness.

Don’t be alarmed if you’re going through a decorating slump; we all go through them. Rest assured, these tips are a helpful guide to steer you out of your decorating slump.