Add a Layer of Decor with Area Rugs

I like to think of the floor as a fifth wall. The finishes you choose for the floor are just as important as the rest of the décor.

Usually the last thing that is considered is the floor. When it comes to décor, most clients focus on what goes into a room first, then they think about the finishes like colours, textures and styles for the walls and windows.

Start with a Neutral


Whether you prefer wood flooring, wall-to-wall broadloom or tile throughout your rooms, that surface will provide a great neutral background for an area rug.

Add one on top of almost any surface to provide another layer of colour, texture, comfort and style. It can tie a room together or separate different zones in one space. It’s one of the most versatile design elements in a room.

Size Matters

Dining Room Area Carpet

Usually, I’m a fair and reasonable person who likes to work with people and their design ideas, but there is one thing that makes me put my foot down –area carpets that are too small! This is one design feature where bigger is always better.

A puny area carpet makes a whole room look small, especially if it’s not connected to any furnishings. Don’t settle for a 4 x 6 ft. rug when you need 8 x 10 ft. or bigger. Furniture should be on top of the carpet or at least the front legs of chairs, sofas and so forth.

Where you shop is as important as what you purchase. Local building centres offer area carpets, but in limited sizes and styles. Consider visiting a local carpet specialist like Speers Road Broadloom where you can see and feel the choices, ask questions and customize your selection for your space.

Style Matters

Living Room Area Carpets

If your room already has lots of pattern and you want to add a calming element underfoot, consider broadloom. It’s generally a long run of one pattern, texture and colour created on a broad loom in wide widths and used for wall-to-wall applications.

Because of its versatility, such as choice of colours, textures and patterns, it can be custom cut to fit your space and the edges bound to prevent fraying. The binding can also be custom selected to go with your personal décor.

As design technology advances, so do your choices, especially with area carpets. Along with a vast array of beautiful floor coverings, companies like Weavers Art carry a line of innovative, colourful printed carpets that take creativity to the next level.

Quality Matters

Bedroom Area Carpet

With area carpets, you will always get what you pay for. Man-made synthetic carpets like Polyester, Nylon and Olefin (also called polypropylene) are less expensive choices and although the colours will last, it may show wear more quickly.

The search for new, renewable fibres continues as companies like Elte recently introduced organic, natural fibres like banana and bamboo silk into their carpet collections.

Whether it’s a long-term investment, an artistic statement or a temporary solution to your decorating scheme, remember to add an area carpet to define your style and add a touch of comfort underfoot.