And the Winners of the Colour of the Year for 2019 are…

It’s that time of year! From new car launches to film and TV show debuts, from changing colour on the leaves to changing colours of the year. That’s right, it’s COTY season! The major paint brands have announced their winners of the Colour of the Year, 2019.

From global trends…to our walls.

It’s interesting to see what the brands predict will take off. Insights into global trends and predictions are selected, discussed and filtered down into one distinct colour. Not an easy feat. So, instead of just a colour of the year, many brands are choosing palettes they predict will trend all year. That’s a lot of colour.

But let’s focus on the main event. Making fun of the names. No, that’s just a designer’ guilty pleasure. Let’s take a look at what they’re offering, how they’re selling it and I’ll give out my own awards for “best of”. Here we go.

Behr puts their plan in place for 2019.

Behr colour of the year 2019, Blueprint.

Behr colour of the year 2019, Blueprint.

Behr’s entry for 2019 is Blueprint. It calls itself honest, approachable. A blueprint for the future of colour. It’s a lovely blue that reads as both masculine and feminine and works indoors and out. I give Behr the Most Improved award. Blueprint beats In The Moment for its boldness and energy.

Beauty Tone brings on the beauty.

Beauty Tone's Tropic of Conversation

Beauty Tone’s, Tropic of Conversation is a lively orange colour.

Beauty Tone came out swinging this year with, Tropic of Conversation. A playful, vibrant orange that figuratively (and literally) beats the blues. It wins the Best Name Award.

Sico, Dulux, and PPG’s deep, surprising twist.

PPG,Sico and Dulux present Night Watch

Night Watch is a deep, rich green from PPG, Sico, and Dulux.

But what’s this? In a surprising twist, Sico, Dulux and Pittsburgh Paint’s Voice of Colour are highlighting very similar rich, dark greens*. Evidently, all were inspired by nature and I’m a big fan of the direction they’re taking.

With our current love affair with the scrumptious look of a navy-blue velvet, either PPG’s and Dulux’ Night Watch or Sico’s Grand Manan Black offer the next big colour to replace today’s blues. This summer I predicted that green will be the next blue, and it seems these companies agree! They share the award for Best, New, Deep Green!

Sherwin Williams’ choice is down to earth.

Sherwin Williams Fireweed

Fireweed from Sherwin Williams is showing up in their palette choices for 2019 and it’s not the only place!

PPG is also featuring a palette of several colours expected to become more popular in 2019. One of the featured shades is called Fireweed. It’s a version of a natural Terra Cotta. Coincidently, Sherwin Williams has designated Cavern Clay as their colour of the year and it too is similar.

Sherwin William's Cavern Clay is the colour of the year 2019

Sherwin William’s Cavern Clay is a lovely, earthy tone.

This affirms the read on the global “temperature”, of looking to nature, the earth and reminding us to surround ourselves in natures’ soothing tones. That doesn’t mean bland and grey, it means vibrant and life-giving. They share the award for Best Read on the Global Temperature.

Benjamin Moore brings a calming presence.

Benjamin Moore Metropolitan

Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan.

Benjamin Moore took a turn into the “Calm, composed and effortlessly sophisticated… Metropolitan exudes glamour, beauty, and balance.” This year’s launch was a lot of fun and the PR team always does a great job, so I bestow the Best Launch on Benjamin Moore.

No one loses when choosing colour.

It’s probably safe to say that the choices may be quite different, but the clear winner is… colour! Take a look at your walls and decide if it’s time to add a little spice to your life. You may say, “it’s just paint”, but it can offer a great change to how we see the world, every day. Check out our colourful Room Makeovers for inspiration.

*Dulux, SICO, Glidden, and CIL are sister companies under the PPG brand in Canada.