Best Paint Colours for Selling Your Home

By now, we have all heard that neutral colours and relatively sparse spaces sell homes quickly. Although low clutter and the odd, well-placed accessory can make a difference, it’s important to note that not all “beiges” are the same. The goal is to create a rich, enticing atmosphere that prospective buyers want to have as their own home. So, whilst eliminating clutter is key, so are excellent lighting and a range of “neutral” paint colours used throughout a house ready for sale.
Here’s my list of colours to consider when painting to sell your home:

Stone Hearth

This is an excellent grey-beige or “Griege” wall colour that will modernize golden or natural coloured floors. It does not give a “dead” feeling when added to the walls and works well with either charcoal or chocolate brown furniture.

Cake Batter

This colour offers a light cream with a warm yellow-orange undertone. This is a light colour but one with energy. It’s a great choice for “dull” areas that need a paint option that has colour to it, but remains light overall. Cake Batter is a great wall colour ‎to combine with light or dark flooring colours. This colour is a good basement choice.


This colour offers a creamy very pale yellow, and barely looks like it has colour in it at all, until it is on a larger scale surface. Use this colour when you want to create a fully light palette with some warmth or if you wish to paint cabinets combined with a warm colour scheme.

Revere Pewter

This colour consists of a light grey with a taupe undertone. It has been the darling of designers wanting a new alternative to beige that isn’t mauve or too grey. With its cooler than beige appearance, it will make the walls less important in the overall colour scheme, allowing other key elements like floors and cabinets to standout. This is a more sophisticated wall choice for sellers ‎of luxury homes.

Natural Linen

So, you still want to paint with beige? Ok then, try Natural Linen. It has a slight lean to the cooler-side, which prevents it from looking peach or blah. It’s very light and neutral and good for spaces where the colour simply needs to be there but not take over.
No matter what paint colours you select, remember, improper lighting will destroy all the effort you put in, so make sure to invest in this at the same time as your painting project.
Good Luck!