Colour and Technology are Trending for the Home in 2015

It was an interesting show this year in Las Vegas where I attended the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, 2015 (KBIS2015). I must admit there were some pretty cool things that without a proper tour and explanation, I would have missed!

Finally, manufacturers are using colour! And, they are using it in new and inventive ways that we haven’t seen on the product side for a long time. By now, most everyone knows the magic of paint as a way to add colour, personality and punch to spaces. But as designers and consumers ‎continue to toy with neutral walls, it’s been furniture, accessories, and art that have been carrying the colour banner!

But look out! Here come some new colour infusions. Emtek introduced door hardware with coloured insets within the handle itself. What a cool twist on typically neutral hardware. I know this isn’t for everyone but it’s a fun idea to add to one special door that leads to the kid’s area in the basement? Or maybe for the powder room door handle opening to walls painted in the colour matching the handle? I’m just getting creative to remind you that home decor is meant to be fun on occasion.

Another area where we saw colour was in a cabinet display by KitchenCraft. It was designed for a mudroom and it really livened up what can be done in a dull space.


Clearly cabinetry that was once only “neutral” has seen a huge shift towards colour‎ and bold colour at that! Although I know most Canadians won’t do colour in such a permanent form in their kitchens, bathrooms and mudrooms are another story! There are endless possibilities for injecting a little life into otherwise dull cabinets!

And here it comes: plastic laminate! The word so dreaded by kitchen and bathroom snobs alike! But with the modern direction of slab door cabinetry, companies like Wilsonart are on the cutting edge of colour and pattern! ‎Look out for more of this inexpensive and versatile product to show up in home decor.

Obviously technology is everywhere in our lives from our smartphones to our cars and KBIS2015 was ‎no exception. Many appliance manufacturers continue to explore apps that interact with their products, but my favourite new invention was from Top Brewer. It features a built-in coffee maker that has only a spout showing, and all the rest is below the cabinets.

Check out this video below:

And certainly, new materials and the advancements in chemistry and engineering have made surfaces like quartz a huge hit. Brands like Cambria, Silestone, and Wilsonart all had wonderful colour and pattern offerings to delight any kitchen designer.


Dekton, a product I had never seen before was interesting to me. It is a mix of porcelain, glass, and quartz and can be made into wall coverings, vanity and kitchen countertops, exterior counters, flooring… the possibilities are endless!

There‎ are a lot of new trends online for the spring so get ready to redesign, as there are a plethora of unique items to choose from!