Colour, Fabric & Pattern Trends For 2015

Decor trends for 2015 are moving towards bright and vibrant colours. The colour of the year is Marsala. Marsala is actually a Pantone colour and can be used for fabrics, and all other consumer items as well. If you want to use it for paint, you can replicate this in your home by using Benjamin Moore’s Dark Burgundy 2075-10. Other colours we are seeing are Smoked Salmon CC-154, Stained Glass CSP-685 and Evening Skyline CSP-505.

We have matched a variety of fabrics for each of the four paint colours. These fabrics are from Robert Allen and showcase the hottest trends in fabrics that correspond with each of the paints.

We are also seeing colour moving into the kitchen! If you have chosen a vibrant colour for your walls, try a neutral cupboard door, like a beautiful white; this never goes out of style! If you want to see colour on your cupboards, we are seeing colour in tones of blues and greys. If you want to stay more traditional, there is also a good selection of doors where you can see a nice hint of the wood’s grain.

Still in the kitchen, we are seeing stunning white countertops, which again, you can never go wrong with! We are also seeing deep greys with lots of shine as seen in this counter top called Minera. Nevern is a beautiful cream with lots of colour running it through it. Lastly Berwyn is a cream with deep greys and beiges, which will match just about anything!