Design Trends to Look Out for in 2017

After recharging our batteries and indulging in food and time with family, it’s time to prepare for the emerging design trends in 2017.

Many trends that were popular in the past, find their way back into the mainstream. Some come back with their kitsch factor intact, like lava lamps, while others have evolved into a better version of their former self.

Today, for those of you who enjoy getting on board a trend before it becomes a craze, this blog is for you! Use it as a guide or reference whenever you’re in a design rut and need ideas!




Earlier this year I wrote a piece about the return of wallpaper. It’s safe to say this emerging trend is coming full steam ahead for the new year.

Many people associate wallpaper with its tired and old patterns from years past. These days, wallpaper offers so much more! Wallpaper now offers more colours, patterns and textures to match the style and personality of your rooms.

Looking for a cost-effective solution that defines your style, that’s easy to maintain and can disguise blemishes? Then wallpaper is for you!


Subway Tiles


Like ripped jeans in the ‘90s, subway tiles are on their way back. Except this time, they’re coming back better than ever.

Subway tiles are also a great backdrop option that can enhance your other accessories such as mirrors, bathroom cabinets and kitchen windows. To switch things up, try installing them in an unconventional style such as vertical or diagonal.

A convenient trait to note about subway tiles are its resistance to moisture, dust and dirt. In an age of convenience, these tiles can be beneficial. Its gloss does not need any buffing or polishing. Another quality that makes subway tiles suitable for your home is the makeup of ceramic. Ceramic does not absorb any odours or harmful fumes, making them suitable for any room such as your kitchen or bathroom.

If you participated in our Robern Twitter Chat last month, one user mentioned that we’ve also started to see a lot of Scandinavian-inspired tile trends, so keep your eyes peeled for more.


Mixed Woods


Just like mixed metals, you can use various wood tones in a room. The picture above shows that it can work and bring a look together. This is also great news for those of us who like to change things up often. if you have an abundance of darker wood pieces but would like to introduce some lighter wood finishes, experiment and see if you like it.

Still inundated with all that wood? Add an area rug to balance the mix of different tones in your room. One of my go-to stores for an area rug is Weavers Art, and if you want a custom fit for your floor, visit Speers Road Broadloom.


Jewel Tones


If beige is still trending in your home, it’s likely you’re still living in the confines of 2010. Rejuvenate your home by adding jewel-tones. If you aren’t the type to completely take the plunge, start by adding jewel tone-coloured accessories such as pillows, cushions or throws.


Mixed Metals


Looking for a way to make a room visually appealing? Then consider mixing metals.

But follow this simple rule; use warm metals with warm colours and cool metals with cool colours. Makes sense, right? But don’t overdo it. Your design will be much more pleasing if the metals are subtle.

Make your 2017 New Year’s resolution to step outside your comfort zone and explore with design to truly make your home your own.