Designing A Kid’s Room That Will Grow With Them As They Age


Making the right investment

Choosing furniture for your children can start with their nursery.  There are so many convertible cribs that later serve as a toddler bed and then eventually head and foot boards for their ‘big kid’ beds.  It is often worth the investment at that time to choose solid furniture that will last them through their childhood and into young adulthood.

Choosing the right furniture

If you are buying new furniture for your child’s bedroom, make sure to look at what your child’s needs are and buy accordingly.  Are you going to need storage for toys that can later be used to store other items, as they get older?  Will your child need a desk for homework?  It is beneficial to buy all of these items together even though they may not be needed or used immediately.  Purchasing these items together will ensure the pieces match and will often be easier on the wallet in the long run.

Pick a theme/colour scheme that has mileage

While dinosaurs may be great for the room of a 5 year old, that same 8 year old may not appreciate it.  Try and pick a colour scheme and theme that will last at least 5 years.   If you choose a good neutral colour and keep the theme limited to bedding and a couple of small décor items, it will be easy to introduce new bedding without having to overhaul the entire room.

Try not to be too trendy

While black furniture, hot pink walls and zebra accents may be all the rage right now; they most likely will not make the passage of time.  Stick to traditional palettes and designs to ensure the room will grow with your child.

Listen to the kids

At the end of the day, this is where your kids are going to sleep and spend a lot of their time. If you let them help with the colours and the décor, chances are they will appreciate their space for a longer period of time.