5 Dog-Friendly Must-Have Luxury Home Design Trends

There is a growing trend in the luxury home design market that goes beyond being merely dog-friendly. Today, many luxury home builders are incorporating creative elements that cater to a dog owner’s needs and elevate the dog’s status. Here are five examples of dog-friendly luxury home design trends:

Dog-friendly designer gates

Dog-friendly gate

Dogs, like people, need barriers, visual cues and discipline to help them navigate through life at home. Access and restrictions are easily marked by a gate or door. While a baby gate may do a good job of keeping Baxter in, we’re seeing custom-made alternatives in new homes.

Gates, fabricated from the same material as the staircase work well and seamlessly blend in with the flow of the house.

Luxury dog parks

Luxury dog park in backyard.

A client with two energetic Portuguese Water dogs incorporated a dog park into her landscaping plans.  The ample side yard is covered in artificial turf and offers multi-levels for climbing, jumping and running. This fenced-in space also features its own outdoor furniture. It’s accessed through a separate door off the mudroom so cleanups are easier.

Designer Dog Washing Stations

Dog washing station in the basement

Georgie’s Dog-washing station

With boxier, raised floor basins, lower faucets, and retractable shower heads, the dog washing station is more convenient to use than a conventional shower. Tiled floors, walls and wash areas ensure water is contained…until the dog shakes off the excess water.

Headboards for dog beds

Living a life of luxury isn’t the only way to show a dog some love. A friend added a chalkboard wall in his master bedroom so he could draw in a fancy headboard, and modify it as he pleases. He also added a partial chalkboard wall above his dog’s bed so she too could have a fancy, hand-drawn headboard. It’s a great idea for a DIY project or you can have a designer headboard custom made for your dog’s bed if you’re so inclined.

Dog-friendly Condos

Dog sitting white bathtub.

New condo advertising is usually marketed to a particular lifestyle, depending on the location or the brand they’re promoting. Now we’re seeing campaigns directed at dog owners who may be looking for dog-friendly common elements. Dog spas and washing stations are available so you can clean up your dog before tracking mud and dirt into your home. We’re also seeing outdoor dog runs and rooftop dog parks!

Designers can incorporate any new ideas into your home to make life better for you and your pets. Contact us to learn more.