Dog Tales Rescue, a Sanctuary With Style

I’ve written previously about spoiling our dogs through design. Recently, I had the opportunity to see this rule played out in a very special facility. Dog Tales Rescue in King City is a one of a kind. world-renowned animal and dog sanctuary.

Worldwide Animal Rescue

As volunteers and animal lovers, Rob Scheinberg and Daniel Eden-Scheinberg were appalled that many rescue agencies weren’t putting donations directly toward the animals.  That’s why they created Dog Tales Rescue. They purchased farmland north of Toronto and got to work creating an oasis for dogs and horses (and cows, pigs, goats, sheep, and chickens!).

Country Club for Animals

The grounds look more like a well-manicured country club. There are paddocks for the horses, pens and fenced in areas for rescued livestock, dog parks, fountains and acres of room for running. Two stately, pristine barns house over 70 horses and even more dogs.

No Concrete Floors, No Bars for Doors

A typical room at Dog Tales Sanctuary

The dogs live in well-appointed rooms. There are no concrete floors or bars on doors.  So, when you walk in the barn you can see it’s not a typical shelter or kennel. Each glassed-in space looks like an upscale condo complete with tiled floors, art, crystal chandeliers and custom-designed furniture.

Abuse Isn’t Always Visible

Each dog, or a pair of dogs who are inseparable, have their own roomy space to start to heal.  As rescues, some arrive in fairly bad shape even when there are no physical symptoms. Therefore, any need to be rehabbed to live with other animals and of course, people.

The staff, including onsite vets. ensure every dog is assessed and a program for healing is put in place and followed. An army of volunteers helps ensure each dog is loved and cared for when they arrive.

Doggy Decor

Each room is decorated to be fun and comfortable.  The decor is designed for the dogs to feel cozy and visitors can see the animals are in a safe and friendly place. The furniture is well-designed and brightly painted. It’s adapted from dressers, settees, sideboards and antique beds.

Daniel designs the custom furniture pieces. Some include a cozy cubby where the dogs can climb into sleep or just tuck away if they’re feeling overwhelmed.

Travel to Rescue Inspires Design

Danielle has found the inspiration for the sanctuary’s decor while traveling the world to rescue abused, abandoned and stray dogs. So, common areas for dog socialization are posh looking, like luxury living rooms, every room has a special design touch.

The cafeteria for volunteers and staff features decor ideas from Europe, Africa and other parts of the world. The washrooms are gorgeous, very on trend.

These luxurious touches are everywhere, leaving you with a sense of awe at what we can do for our animal friends and how we can do it in style.

Adoption Day is Every Sunday

Adoption day is every Sunday and it’s open to the public, no appointment necessary.

If you can’t make it to the facility, you can follow owners, Danielle and Rob, the staff, volunteers and all the animals on their new reality show, Dog Tales!

To learn more about the facility or to donate, go to Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, or watch their new reality show, Dog Tales Rescue, Thursday nights at 8:30 PM on Gusto!