Easy Design Ideas for Renters

Everyday I come across at least one article that depicts the new reality of Millennials in Toronto’s red-hot real estate market. If working people can’t afford a home, how can they possibly afford to design their space into something they can call their own?

I may not have all the answers to Toronto’s real estate woes, but I certainly have a few ideas on how renters can design their space without breaking the bank.



Grenview Construction

You’d be surprised at what we can force ourselves to get used to. There are occasions where you’ve been living in a space for so long that you don’t even know that change is necessary. I suggest starting with lighting because it illuminates areas that may need improvement when you finally see it.

As mentioned in my blog on how to improve your lighting, finding the right lighting is a three-part layering process:

  • Ambient lighting is general lighting that helps you see in a space
  • Task lighting is directed at an area like a counter in your kitchen to help you see what you’re doing, clearly, without shadows.
  • Accent lighting is decorative, used to light an object like a piece of art.

Discovering the right balance for your space may prove to be a little tricky, especially when surrounded by so many different lighting options in the showroom, but more lighting is better than not enough, and you can add one light at a time.

Paint and Wallpaper


You probably didn’t need a designer to tell you that paint is an easy option for renters. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to get your hands dirty too often, beige is a colour that seems to transcend time.

Although you may want a different paint colour for each room, aim for flow and continuity throughout.

Thanks to new and improved technologies, wallpaper is now easier to install and remove. With so many different patterns, colours and designs, wallpaper allows you to add another dimension of design. It’s also a cost effective option that has the durability to last for years!



What’s a room without a good sofa or chair? If you’re concerned about buying a sofa that will last, purchase a Canadian-made product in neutral-tones could be the answer. A well-made, local product may cost more upfront, but will be worth it in the long run.

If your sofa or chair is well-built but the fabric is tired-looking, think about re-upholstering or purchase a simple slip-cover.

Art Wall


Do you have a collection of items or old photographs you’d like to hang? Then an art wall is a great idea! The best thing about an art wall is there are no rules. Feel free to organize your art in various heights, colour, patterns, frame shapes and sizes and make it your own.

Area Rugsdesign-ideas-for-renters

An area rug is always a great idea. Once you’ve chosen the right one, words can’t describe the change it will make to your space. If you follow us on social media, then you know our go-to rug specialist is Speers Road Broadloom, where you can choose customized options to compliment your space.



Finally, the last element of any great design project is adding the accessories. Whether it’s art, pillows, furnishings or decorative fixtures, accessories placed in the right location act as the final seal to completing your space.

Just because you rent doesn’t mean you can’t add a homey touch or two. There are plenty of options at your disposal to add punch and originality to your home.