How To Find The Perfect Kitchen Sink

Often I have clients who think buying a good sink is simply an extra that they don’t need. They think it won’t make much difference in the long run, but nothing could be farther from the truth!


The kitchen sink takes a lot of abuse and is largely under appreciated. It has any number of liquids poured down it and is scoured for cleaning. A variety of operations happen within it and yet homeowners think this is an area to skimp on when they are mindful of budget restraints.

A high quality sink will last you a lifetime and perform far better than a lesser quality one. Blanco and Franke, two German brands both make excellent products that clean well, resist marking and have designs that complement today’s kitchens.

What makes a good sink you may ask?

A good sink is made with high quality stainless steel. Stainless steel has nickel in it, which is an expensive mineral that is prized in many industries. Its cost directly contributes to the cost of any sink. The better the quality of stainless steel, generally the more costly the sink. But it’s this high quality that allows a sink to maintain its look and withstand all the day-to-day abuse we hurdle at it.

In addition, the gauge of steel will determine the cost and quality of your sink choice. But again, this contributes to the ‎durability of the sink over time.

Kitchen sink style

Today there are wonderful styles for the kitchen sink including different colours and materials if you are looking for more flare than just function.

Blanco introduced Steel Art with a “sharper” squarer look to the sink, giving it a more modern feel. Single bowls have also been popular, as they look cleaner when installed.

In addition, sinks in Silestone, has been increasingly popular! Their neutral colours allow them to blend into the counter top rather than stand out the way stainless can. Look for neutrals, greys, blacks and charcoals in this cast stone product to enhance your kitchen design.

Kitchen sink accessories

The kitchen sink now comes with its own set of accessories including cutting boards, surface grids, bins, etc. Taking on the look and feel of professional kitchen sinks, there is no shortage of options available to make the most of this area in the kitchen.

So when you are selecting items for your kitchen, don’t forget about the kitchen sink! It has a lot to offer and great design style!