Five Tips To Designing The Perfect Nursery



Most nurseries have a theme such as Noah’s ark, the alphabet, animals etc. Themes are a good way to pull the room together and offer a sense of cohesion. This can also be done by choosing a colour palette consisting of 3-4 colours that are going to work together throughout the room. By choosing either a theme or colour palette and carrying it throughout the room, it makes the room feel connected and gives it a good flow.


The furniture will act as the anchors of the room. The basic pieces for a nursery are a change table, crib, and dresser. Another important piece to include would be a glider or rocker of some kind for late night feedings and to soothe the little one back to sleep. When choosing the furniture, you want to make sure it matches the colour/theme that has been selected for the space. You may also want to make sure the style matches and flows nicely with the rest of your home. For example, if you have contemporary or traditional furniture throughout your house, you may want to stick to these styles when choosing the nursery furniture.

Another point to consider is the amount of space you will be working with. If you are short on space you may want to look for smaller pieces that have additional storage, such as a crib with drawers underneath.

Use fabrics, but make them washable!

Fabrics will add a soft and cozy feel to the room. It is important to make the nursery comfortable and soothing for both baby and parents. This can be done with warm and comfortable fabrics. Fabric can be carried throughout the room in the theme or colour from the window treatments to the little ones bedding, to throw cushions and blankets. Let’s face it, children, especially babies, can be very messy! It is important to make sure all the fabrics are washable.


You will find lighting to be very important throughout the life of the nursery. You may want to use blackout blinds behind the window treatments for afternoon naps and early evenings. It is also important to offer some short of soft lighting for midnight feedings such as a night-light. Lastly, make sure the main light source for the room is not too stark or harsh. Lighting can also be another opportunity to add personality to the room through the fixtures you choose.


Babies come with lots of accessories and they grow so fast, there will be some outfits your little one only wears a few times or not event at all! It is important to consider storage and even stations when planning a nursery. From their closet to the change table to a nursing station, there are lots of bits and bobs that can be cleverly hidden away in cute baskets and containers that will give your colour palate or theme even more mileage.