How to Copy Today’s Top Kitchen Trends

Eurocucina Kitchen at Salon de Mobile in Milan.

You may not have a designer kitchen now, but here are some ideas to show you how to copy today’s top kitchen trends… without going broke.

Let’s start with the cabinetry

The first and easiest way to update kitchen cupboards and drawers is with colour. Guess what the next most popular colour is after white? Grey!

The kitchen is separated into zones using two different coloured cabinets.

The second biggest trend is using grey on island cabinetry, or on one section only, leaving the rest of the cabinetry white. If the drawer and door fronts are in good shape painting is an inexpensive alternative to buying all new.

Want to further revamp your kitchen cabinets? Get rid of the uppers. Replace them with a great wall tile, paint colour or wallpaper like Tempaper if you like to update your style occasionally.

Looks like a marble backsplash but it’s Tempaper!

You can hang open shelves if you have lovely pieces to display, and don’t mind dusting.

Nature continues to be a major design influence on kitchen trends

We’re seeing a lot of cabinetry in natural wood, like walnut with a horizontal grain pattern on drawers or natural white oak. Not ready for an upgrade? Consider adding a display of natural wood cutting boards and bowls to add that natural element on your countertops.

Metal finishes are at the top of the kitchen trend list

Modern Metals in matte black, or polished, stainless steel continue to trend in today’s kitchens. Elegant strips of brass trim are used as door pulls and inlaid into wooden cabinetry. Gorgeous but pricey! Instead, add metallic doorknobs and drawer pulls to introduce metals to your kitchen décor.

Top it off with a great countertop

Formica’s High-Pressure Laminates looks like the real thing.

If you’re purchasing a real stone or man-made stone product it can get expensive. Luckily there are many looks that are now beautifully duplicated true to scale. You can achieve a more realistic look of wood, marble, or stone in natural-looking finishes, in laminate. Yes, that laminate. Check out the latest selection Formica has on offer.

Look at what’s trending underfoot

Flooring in natural-looking materials in matte finishes is also trending. We’re seeing large format tiles, polished concrete, and wood floors in natural shades. To achieve a modern wood floor, planks are wider, wire-brushed in a matte finish.

Luxury vinyl flooring in wide planks looks as authentic as real wood flooring in a driftwood finish.

We’re blown away by the newest luxury vinyl products now on the market. They also duplicate natural materials like wood, stone, and tile. They’re durable and precision-crafted. Check out the newest styles at Speers Road Broadloom. 

Back, up, down, and high lighting are all on-trend

Lighting is as important as ever to complete tasks in the kitchen, under-mount lighting is a good example of this. Now to achieve the top lighting trend, think about adding accent lighting. LED strip lighting set vertically inside a glass cabinet helps highlight displays.

Downlighting and backlighting shelves are also a great way to enhance décor. Affordable LED lighting products are available at most large building centres.

Appliances get the designer treatment

Today’s appliances are more stylish than ever. If panel-ready or built-in appliances aren’t in the plans right now, at least take a look at what’s trending so when you’re ready to splurge…

JennAir just introduced two new lines, Rise™ and Noir™. Feast your eyes on the sexy, black fridge interior. It’s enhanced by the strategically placed LED lighting.

The latest from JennAir, it’s the new Noir™ refrigerator interior finish.

The next major appliance you must have but never knew you needed is a steam oven. It’s smart, pre-programmable and it can cook multiple dishes in the same oven and have everything cooked to perfection at your precise time.

Achieve instant kitchen success

Today’s biggest kitchen trend is fresh!

Adding greenery is a perfect way to copy today’s top kitchen trends.

Grow an herb garden in your kitchen, add plants and if you have the room, create a living wall. Greenery is a beautiful addition to any room but in the kitchen, it keeps the focus on fresh, as on-trend as you can get! See more great kitchen trend ideas on our site!