How To Get Your Home Back-to-School Ready

It’s that time of year again. The sun is setting earlier and our nights are getting cooler. It’s also time to adjust the sleep schedules of your children so they’ll be able to wake up for school next week!

With the beginning of school, comes more action in the home. Before the inevitable chaos ensues, I’ve put together some helpful tips to prepare your home for the school year ahead.


Before starting anything, you should first clean and de-clutter your home. That means sorting through loose papers, donating old clothes and shoes and getting rid of any excess items. Think of it as, Fall Cleaning.

As a person who despises clutter, I find it easier to think and be productive in a space that’s organized. To me, a messy room can contribute to a messy brain, hindering concentration.

Create a Homework Zone

A Homework Zone is a great opportunity for your children to make the space their own by letting them help decorate. Allowing them to participate keeps them interested in their surroundings and can contribute to a productive frame of mind. A Homework Zone is ideal in a den, office or any other space where there is limited distraction.

If you have the space, a bookcase can be a great addition to your Homework Zone. By organizing your reading materials, it gets stacks of books, off desks or table surfaces and encourages reading. Along with books, add decorative pieces (non-fragile) that exhibit their personalities and help make reading and learning fun!

Dark wood desk and white chair for doing homework.

Organize your kitchen

After school, kitchens typically become a war zone, as a long day at school can work up quite the appetite! Consider using designated cabinets for after-school snacks. Simple snacks that don’t take much preparation will spare your kitchen mess and chaos. Go-to drawers in the refrigerator with healthy snacks allow kids to make healthy choices.

In fact, your refrigerator is one of the most important components of your kitchen. An organized fridge is a great way to ensure your school-week runs smoothly. Try creating designated sections for easy to access foods at breakfast time and school lunches to shave a couple seconds off of a stressful morning.

White kitchen pantry with doors open.

Create an area for school supplies

Every year around the last weekend before school, stores are packed with parents looking to purchase supplies. Before you shop, plan a designated area to drop and store it once you’re home. Instead of having to search bedrooms, dens and family rooms, have all your supplies narrowed down to one location. If your home lacks the extra space, compartmentalize your school supplies to your homework zone.

Dark wood bookshelf filled with books.

Organize your mudroom

The Mudroom or entry is a transition space where we don’t spend much time but it’s an important one to try to keep organized. To avoid chaotic mornings, try creating designated spaces for each family member by using cubbies and hooks. This will help bring some order to busy mornings!

For those of you who are involved in extra-curricular activities, install either a chalkboard or erasable calendar in this transition space or the kitchen to keep the household informed on important dates.

Welcome back to normal

The start of a new school year not only signifies a new beginning for your children, but a sense of normalcy in the home. Use this as an opportunity to organize your house and make your lives easier!