How To Find Hidden Storage Space In Your Home

No matter how large a home is, there never seems to be enough room or storage! This is a problem almost every homeowner suffers from. Space can be found, items consolidated, and storage made. It doesn’t matter if you are in a condo or a larger home.

Reduce, sell or donate

Part of creating space is reducing what you already have. For some, this comes easy, but for others, this can be a real task. Take time to gradually go through your home, from side to side and top to bottom to really look at how much you have acquired over time and how much of it you really use or need. Don’t fear that these items will be thrown away or not used.

Think about selling unneeded items to a second hand store, online or making a donation to a charity or shelter. If it is furniture you are looking to relocate, we always recommend Furniture Bank. They are a great service that takes gently used furniture and gives it to those in need in the area.

Organize items by season

Once you have reduced the amount you have in your home, separate your items seasonally. Move all the items for all other seasons into labeled bins and store them either in the basement, attic, garage or a storage room. This will reduce the amount of clutter in your immediate area.

hidden storage space under a window

Hidden storage space

Now that what you own has been refined and your home is feeling a little less full, it is time to take advantage of that hidden storage space. Spaces that are often overlooked include under the stairs, corners, hallways, under a window or behind a door. These small spaces can make for great additional storage, office spaces or even libraries!

Underneath the staircase

Take for instance, the area underneath the staircase. This area offers a ton of unused square footage that is at a premium in most homes! This hidden gem is often not used to its full potential just because it may feel awkward, dark or hard to get to.

You may want to start by adding extra lighting to this area to brighten it up a bit. Then make this space feel separate by adding a curtain, shelf or room divider.

Now that you have created your own private mini-room, it is up to you as to how to use this space. You may want to add shelves for books and a chair to read in or consider a desk for writing or craft station.

Find your hidden storage spaces

Most homes are full of unused spaces that are waiting for their potential to be recognized. Look through your home and see where these areas exist. Use your imagination when deciding how to convert these areas into space saving, well-organized nooks!