How To Make Guests Feel At Home

When organizing a home, it is important to consider the experiences of future houseguests. Preparing a home for guests can be a stressful endeavor, but the key is to make them feel as comfortable as possible, while adding a personal touch.

These simple tips will help guests feel at home while leaving them eager to return!

The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Plan in Advance

Creating a menu for guests that they’ll love can be a daunting task. Going the extra mile by asking their preference regarding beverages and appetizers ahead of time can build excitement upon their arrival. It will also alleviate some stress for both the homeowner and the guests regarding specific dietary requirements.

Who are your Guests?

Are the guests bringing children? If so, this could change what is included on the menu. Maybe consider something fun like a candy bar. However, run this by the parents first! Also, non-breakable cups and plates will save beautiful dinnerware for the adults, and prevent a safety hazard for young ones.

Knowing the audience will help decide what fun activities to implement. Keeping children entertained will also add to the overall enjoyment of the evening by all.

The Living Room

Spacious living room

Snacks in Abundance

Guests are always hungry! This statement should always be assumed when people come over. There is nothing worse than arriving at someone’s home and being hungry! Some believe it’s rude or are too shy to ask, so making snacks conveniently available will help to foster a social atmosphere.


A busy living room will need comfortable high-backed sofas that encourage conversation and make guests feel at home. If you need some ideas, check out the Nova sofa part of the Jane By Jane Lockhart collection. Its long dimensions make it great for lounging, entertaining or napping after a long day.


Lighting is often one of the more forgotten aspects of a home. Since living rooms are one of the first rooms guests will explore, its lighting is the perfect way to set the tone and ensure positive vibes. Don’t be afraid to use lighting to highlight areas of your living room that make it unique such as any distinct architectural features. With great lighting, the possibilities are endless!

The Guest Room


Luxurious Bedding

Nothing makes sleep more appealing than a soft set of sheets and a lush comforter! To maintain their freshness, when storing in a linen cupboard, add a couple dryer sheets in between for an everlasting sweet scent.

Reading Material

Falling asleep at night might not come easy to guests. Think about equipping the room with an assortment of books and updated magazines for nights when guests either struggle to fall asleep in a new space or wake at the crack of dawn.

Coffee and Snack Bar

Try adding a coffee and snack bar so that guests don’t have to go all the way downstairs to make their first brew in the morning. Add some style with a small dresser or table stand that has compartments where the collection of coffee/tea, mugs, spoons and napkins can be stored.

No matter what is done, the most important thing is that guests feel comfortable and at home during their stay!