Toto: It’s All About The Flush!

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas has a lot of great content to offer to builders and designers alike. I’ve been lucky to attend the show this year as a member of Modenus and #BlogTourVegas. ‎The benefit of joining a group like this is being the first to receive the “inside” info about brands who want to talk to designers and their customers.

One of those brands that really have an ecology, technology and style story is the premium brand, Toto. Toto is a 25-year-old plumbing fixture manufacturer from Japan. Among numerous innovations and commitment to low energy and carbon use, Toto is very invested in toilets that are sanitary and clean themselves! Seems like this would be an obvious toilet invention and yet they are leaders in this area including “active surfaces” that destroy organic material so the bowl is cleaner when flushed.

In addition, Toto has continued to pursue hygienic innovations particularly with the advancements of bidets and washlets. Hygiene, as we age, is a key issue to allowing us to stay in our homes as we pass through our golden years. ‎Most of us have limited experience with these types of toilet systems, but remaining clean in the bathroom is not just about the tub! Usually, we only become aware of our needs in this area when we have an unfortunate accident like a broken limb and can’t care for ourselves. Bidets are well known in Europe and are quickly spreading to North America

Our recommendation of Toto to clients has always been for its excellent technology in the toilet flush. Let’s face it, a toilet needs to flush no matter what it’s style. Toto continues to apply new technology to this function with a one-gallon tank, which is both the highest in eco-efficiency and excellence in function.

It’s always about the bathroom at some point in your life, so make sure you know about your bathroom fixtures and give Toto a whirl! Or should I say flush!