Jane Lockhart’s Favourite IKEA Products

Okay, as a designer I am always shopping for furniture and accessories, and I mean a lot! I constantly find myself looking for pieces that fit many different sizes, lifestyles and budgets. Very few of my clients have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on any given room, which is why I know the IKEA catalogue inside and out.

IKEA is good because their quality is fabulous but they also have a great price point! Because of this, we have our ‘go-to’ pieces that we know work well and look great in almost any design.


This is the amazing versatile cube shelf that everyone love and almost everyone knows as least one person who has this. This piece is limitless as it can be used as a room separator, a desk, a cuby, a shelf and believe it or not, much more.


The KALLAX shelf can be turned on its side or used standing up and comes in a variety of sizes and finishes. This unit has saved the day many times for us as it works so perfectly in a multitude of scenarios.


This piece is the butcher-block kitchen island. We have used this so many times both as it is and with some slight modifications. This piece is so affordably priced, you can’t go wrong. It sits 2-3 stools and comes in black and white.

Using this product, we have painted it in a colour that compliments the cabinets or used a colour to create great contrast. We have also used this piece and replaced the butcher-block top with either granite or countertops to match the existing ones in the kitchen we are working on.


IKEA has a great selection of kitchen carts available in raw wood, enamel and in metal. These are so great in a small kitchen, as they can provide extra storage and can be wheeled out to create additional counter space as needed. We have also used these in the laundry room to create a folding station, as well as in the dining room for overflow from a busy family dinner.

RIBBA Series

I am all about the RIBBA frame from IKEA! So many clients have a lack of art, yet so many pictures on their phones. I always tell them they can print these photos inexpensively and pop them into a RIBBA frame to make a statement. These frames can be used to create a gallery wall or just to add impact in numbers.

RIBBA frames on a wall in a group

IKEA is one store your shouldn’t overlook if you are lost, looking for the perfect piece to finish your design. You never know what you are going to find there!