Kitchen Appliances: To Go Stainless Steel or Not?


Appliances have continued to grow in importance in the kitchen. No longer do we simply purchase only a stove and fridge. There are so many choices available now, from built-in coffee makers to steam ovens. No matter how poorly you cook, there are options out there guaranteed to help you!

Popular choice

Despite all the selection in appliance function, the question still remains: should you purchase stainless steel appliances? In North America, stainless appliances still appear to hold the top position for updating an old kitchen. They reign supreme in consumer choice for kitchens in new construction.

Cleaning challenges

The silver surface of stainless steel is an excellent way to add shine and contrast to any kitchen, particularly a dated space. But, stainless has it challenges, as it can be hard to keep clean and difficult to remove grease and fingerprints from without leaving streaks.

Other finishes

Over the last decade, manufacturers have attempted to market other finishes such as metallic bronze, glass over stainless and a variety of glossy colours. Despite these options, stainless has continued strong and become the enduring choice for kitchens.


Paneled appliances

In the higher-end of the kitchen market; however, paneled appliances are eclipsing the stainless trend. Essentially, appliances are disappearing under the smooth surfaces of doors and custom fitted panels that are made to match the kitchen cabinetry. No longer do appliances draw attention; instead they blend in. The feel of the kitchen has become sleeker, more library-like and less industrial as this space moves towards full family and dining room status.

Appliance design evolution

Trends definitely point to future integration of appliances where possible. As appliances continue to evolve, we are seeing square lines, while becoming flatter and more modern with clean details. The characteristics are found across the board, whether exposed stainless, glass or fully paneled. This evolution mixes well with the onward design direction of the kitchen becoming integrated into our “soft” living spaces. The kitchen will become one of the main entertaining and relaxing rooms in our home.

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