Kitchen Basics: Getting Started

Kitchen Planning 101

Just like a recipe, redesigning a kitchen requires a plan. Although you may generally know what you want, it often changes when you have to actually commit to something forever! This is where it gets tough.


To properly plan a kitchen, you need to determine your renovation budget. I have seen clients
get disappointed with their choices because they were unrealistic with their initial budget. An average kitchen can start at about $15,000 to $20,000 and that doesn’t include the appliances which are a whole other budget!


Next is design research. I have clients begin with either selecting a door style and colour or chose
their appliances. Both of these items are critical to the look and function of the kitchen. The cabinet style is where people often get stuck: painted white cabinets or wood doors? Both are great but the door you choose should reflect a style you are willing to work around for future decorating projects not just the present one.

Next it is selecting the floor material: wood, tile, cork or linoleum? All good choices but each has
its benefit depending on your needs. For example, skip hardwood if you have a dog that’s messy as this could damage your floor.


Then it’s time for a counter top. If granite isn’t in the budget, select a laminate then redo the counter top as a separate project later. Always choose a good quality facet as it’s used every day!

Getting Help!

Should you feel unprepared to make these choices alone kitchen companies can be of great service or an independent designer can help you arrive at a vision.  The most important thing is to do the planning before the renovation starts, this way you know what you are going to get and how much
it will be!

One last thought: create a chart with all the items needed in a kitchen like flooring, backsplash, hardware, counter top, paint colour, lighting etc. located in a vertical column on the left and then across the top add a horizontal column for colour, price, retailer etc.  We have found this to be very helpful for clients during the planning stages to follow all the ‘bits and pieces’ that go into a kitchen. And its a great thing to show your contractor as well!

Jane Lockhart Interior design is a proud member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (Ontario Chapter)