Kitchen Renos: 5 Things To Invest In For A Full ROI

According to the Canadian Appraisals Institute, kitchens are one of the few home renos that can potentially give homeowners a 100% ROI (return on investment). It’s important to get it right the first time.

Here are five tips to help you do this.

1. Consider Your Material Choices

Tremendous advancements have been made in materials technology in terms of appearance and durability. Think of porcelain tiles rather than ceramic as they are more durable and you can have smaller grout lines.

Choose quartz countertops for a durable and repairable countertop. Granite is also durable but can’t be repaired.

2. Add More Lighting Not Less

You can never have too much lighting because you can just turn it off or add a dimmer! Consider adding LED lights hidden within a valance box which is both tidy and an energy saver.

Add cool pendant lights over islands for extra lighting as well as a decorative element. These are like jewelry for the kitchen.

3. Take Advantage Of Better Cabinet Storage

Developments in cabinet shape and technology have led to much better interior storage options.


There are things like magic corners which make blind corners much more usable.


Cool pantry racks that pack in a lot of food items.


And be sure to invest in cutlery dividers where possible so your drawers stay organized.

4. Make Your Backsplash A Focal Point

Pick amazing tiles or patterns to add to this area. After all, it is at eye level so it is quite visible. Do add tile inserts and even consider painting on your backsplash tile.

To make your backsplash look perfect, hide electrical outlets within the upper light valance. This way the entire backsplash is completely clear of plugs and switches!

5. Think Beyond White For Cabinets

Although white cabinets still sell the best, there are other good neutrals that do well in Canada.


Think about painted grey cabinets, pale blue, espresso brown or even natural cherry as these all are classics here and give you a special look. With finishing technology, all colours are available and will wear well.