The Latest Tile Trends And Why You’ll Love Them!

I was out tile sourcing yesterday and popped into Cercan Tile. They’re always on top of what’s new and what’s next. It was exciting to see lots of new ideas in porcelain. In fact, they were so amazing, I had to share. Here are the latest tile trends I noticed and why you’ll love them.

Larger tile formats

Large format tile (30″ x 60″) in a marble pattern can be book-matched creating a wall-sized focal point.

The larger the tile, the less grout is needed. Twelve inches by twenty-four inches is now considered a small size. We are seeing four feet by four feet and even,  thirty inches by sixty inches. Larger tile formats also appeal to fabricators like my friend and fellow designer, Ramsin Khachi. His company Stone Lab is located in Cercan and they offer quartz, natural stone and porcelain surface solutions to homes and businesses.

Printed patterns

Papier 41 Floral is a whimsical tropical print on porcelain tile 20″ X 40″

Beautiful patterns and designs printed on tiles create a focal point within a space. Tiles are designed to stack to create one large pattern.

Colourful modern mosaic tile

Modern mosaics with vivid colour create a bold style statement.

More colour!

Colour, textured porcelain

Mixing texture, colour, and pattern. Porcelain can really stand out!

More colour overall adds interest and style to a tiled wall. Metallic finishes are also strong and integrated into tiles. They are all totally waterproof so they can be installed almost anywhere.

Porcelain goes everywhere

Incipit by Valentino Tile offers a sophisticated texture that could work in any room.

All of these porcelain tiles are highly durable and great for everyday wear. It’s an excellent choice for high-traffic places like bathrooms and floors.

Tile mimics almost everything

Here, porcelain mimics chevron-patterned, wood flooring.

Porcelain tile companies have done an amazing job copying everything from natural stone to patterned wood flooring.  Now, texture also follows the pattern on the tile for a more authentic tactile experience.

Tile goes 4D

4D tile

Raised veining resembles a marble surface in the 4D Transcendent Collection at Cercan Tile.

Featuring a soft matte finish and embossed texture to replicate the look and feel of real antique finished marble, the 4D Transcendent Collection is elegant and stylish. This collection showcases the distinctive blue-grey and copper veining for a chic and distinctive alternative to traditional marbles. It pairs beautifully with both warm and cool tones, woods and concretes.

Tile plays well with others

coordinated pink tile

Soft pink in the mix! Different sizes, shapes, and patterns keep the colour palette tight.

Coordination between decorative tiles and plain coordinates allows consumers and designers to better design space and match colours and textures perfectly.

For true design inspiration, take the time to see the latest tile trends. I bet you’ll love them! For more inspiration check out the portfolio section of our site.