The Hottest Laundry Room Design Trends

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The laundry room now more than ever, is no longer stuffed into a dark corner in the basement, it’s showing up in rooms throughout the house. That’s why I was so excited to discover the LG WashTower™, a single unit design that makes the most of space efficiency while adding the benefit of full-size capacity. This beautiful unit blends a modern aesthetic with innovation to elevate any laundry space. So, no matter where your laundry space is, there’s an opportunity to design and decorate.

Have some fun and add colour, texture, pattern, and more!

The LG WashTower™ comes in a black matte finish.

Like kitchen appliances, laundry machines now come in beautiful matte finishes. They look good enough to display so you don’t have to hide them behind closed doors!

But, take a look at what’s around them. You can do more than paint the walls. Think about installing tiled backsplashes and wallpaper for pattern and texture to elevate this often under-decorated space. 

Like a powder room, it’s a great place to go all out decorating because you use less paint and materials. So, choose colours and patterns you love. After all, you’re the one using it most of the time, right?  

Get creative with storage.

Today’s laundry units fit into compact spaces, like the innovative LG WashTower™ which is 3.4 inches shorter than LG’s conventional stacked units, allowing the unit to fit into any laundry space. This will leave more room for organization and decorating opportunities.

One way to get creative with your storage is to “decant” your pods and detergents into oversized glass jars with tight-fitting lids.  Line them up with other glass jars filled with battery-operated fairy lights. Who says you can’t have style and some whimsical ambiance when you’re doing chores?

What’s better than creative storage in a laundry room? Four practical storage solutions.

It’s fun to decorate the laundry room unless you have a Beagle who can climb up counters!

Open shelving

Open shelving is an easy DIY project. Ready to hang kits include brackets and shelves, and they are available in various sizes. Or, if you have space and the budget, why not add ready-made cabinetry with doors or drawers? 

Fold-out laundry rack

Taking a page out of the original farmhouse laundry concept, we’re seeing the resurgence of the fold-out laundry rack. It tucks away against the wall and when you need to hang clothes to air dry it’s ready for you. Practical and beautiful.

Counter space

Counter space is probably the number one request designers are asked for when designing a laundry room. Having a clean, large expanse to spread out, sort, and fold laundry is a non-starter. Whether you choose engineered, solid-surface, quartz, or laminate countertop material, if you have space, splurge.

The hottest laundry room design trends Ironing board in a drawer

This ironing board fits into a specially designed drawer.

Fold-out ironing board

Tired of pulling out the ironing board for one shirt? Manufacturers have created a system that tucks a smaller-scaled ironing board into a drawer! Open the drawer and the ironing board unfolds and sets in place ready to work and tucks back into the drawer when you’re not using it. Genius.

What’s hot? Laundry rooms that play well with others. 

Hottest Laundry Room design trends dog-washing station

The laundry room plays well with dog-washing stations.

 The laundry room is now the ultimate multi-purpose room. From larger, raised sinks installed with shower fixtures for dog-washing, to full-sized showers to clean up before entering the rest of the house are becoming the norm.  

The drop-off-and-go mudroom with laundry is a hot-trend combo. Combining two or more functions in one room makes sense when space is at a premium.

Installing multiple laundry facilities in one house is another hot trend. For instance, we’ve added separate machines for sports (hockey) equipment near, or in the garage.

 A laundry room that appeals to all the senses.

Recessed lights on dimmers have found their way into the laundry room. Lights up for task lighting and dimmed down for the soft ambiance between cycles. 

Wireless audio speakers now fit into the palm of your hand, making them portable. So, bring music (or audiobooks) with you while folding the laundry or waiting for the spin cycle to finish.

 Laundry machines with smart technology

LG WashTower™ ThinQ technology

With Smart Pairing™, the washer can tell the dryer to select a compatible drying cycle, making it the ultimate laundry hack.

Smart technology is also on the rise to simplify the entire laundry process. For instance, the LG WashTower™ has built-in Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™ (A.I.D.D) technology, which uses sensors to determine fabric type and load size for the right wash cycle for the best results. Not weight, fabric! How smart is that?

It doesn’t stop there and goes a step further with LG Smart Pairing™ where the washer communicates with the dryer so there is consistency in how fabrics are dried based on the wash cycle – taking the guesswork out of laundry. Game. Changer.

 The hottest finishing touches for the laundry room.

LG WashTower™ Baxter the dog on the quartz counter

It’s fun to decorate the laundry room unless you have a Beagle who climbs.

Treat your laundry room like any other room in your home. Add a colourful rug, some hardy plants, and hang some cheerful art. If you have space, bring in a comfy chair. 

By making the laundry space a great-looking destination, you’ll look forward to spending time there and forget you’re doing a chore.