Make A Better Impression When Guests Visit Your Home

The front entrance of your home is the first chance you have to really convey your personality through design to your houseguests. Use this opportunity to create a space that speaks to your guests, while making them feel comfortable and invited.


The first step to enhancing your entrance is to remove all clutter. For those of you who know me, you know that clutter is my arch-nemesis! Take this opportunity to remove everything from the area. Remove all shoes, shoe racks, benches, tables, umbrella holders, magazine racks and wall-mounted hooks. This is not to say they won’t be re-introduced to the area, but when starting over in a new area of your home, it is important to start with a fresh palette.

Hide the shoes

Once the area is free of clutter, determine what your needs are for this space. If you are lucky, you will have a front hall closet that you will be able to outfit with built-ins or closet accessories so it will meet all of your needs. There are several closet kits making storing shoes, umbrellas, hats, and mitts easy, effective and out of sight. For your seasonal accessories, remove these out of the area completely until they are needed for the season. A great option is to fill a space bag with your seasonal ware and then store it in another area of your home.

Multi-purpose furniture

If you are living in a smaller space or without large front door closets don’t lose hope! There are so many products on the market that will hold everything and keep it all out of sight. Whatever you buy, make sure it has a lot of hidden storage.

There are front door benches that open up with baskets inside for storage or have baskets underneath. These are perfect as they also provide a place to sit when putting on shoes. If there is not enough room for a bench, you can also install a hanging shelf with hooks and hidden baskets. These are great as they provide a lot of storage without taking up any floor space. Another important piece of furniture is a key bowl or rack immediately as soon as you walk in. This way you always know where your keys are, saving on time!

Canadian Tire is a great place to look for space bags, as well as front door furniture and shelving. Another fantastic option for front door storage is our Jane By Jane Lockhart Granger Ottoman, as it can be used for seating and opens for storage.

Add colour and light

Once you have brought back what you need to the area, it is time to add colour and accessories! No matter what the style of your home, it should start at the front door and continue through, creating unity. Add pops of your accent colour throughout your front entrance in the form of a throw pillow on the bench and art on the walls. Choose something that will speak to your visitors, as this is the first impression they will have of your home. Make sure to have a mirror in this area as this will reflect the light, making the space seem and feel larger. This is also great for a quick look before leaving!

Arouse the senses

Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, and when someone enters your home, it is the perfect time to arouse their senses. Add a soft and welcoming scent through candles or oils at or near the front entrance. Next, add textiles in a variety of textures, starting with a carpet at the entrance. Lastly, marvel their sight with the beauty of your new space.

No matter what you choose, follow these simple rules and your front entrance will leave your guests wanting more!