Making Space For a New Home Office

During their renovation, my client asked about making space for a new home office. We had created a built-in desk area on the main floor by the kitchen, but for working at home, she wanted a quieter space.

Built-in desk and cabinetry

The main floor workstation.


We searched high and low for space for a new home office

Closets built-in under stairs

The original layout had closets tucked under the basement stairs

Our search led us to the basement. Under the staircase, there were a series of closets that were installed during a previous renovation. They took up one side of a hallway. I asked my client if working in the basement could be a solution. I wanted to know how important it was to be isolated, away from the fray?

Her answer surprised me. She said she wanted an office space that would accommodate her pre-school children, too. A space where she could keep an eye on them, but this would be a no-toy zone. The request was for a cozy nook where they could be close, but involved in a quiet activity like reading.

The Solution was easy to see

Cozy reading nook for children

A cozy reading nook was carved out from the space under the stairs

Looking at the angle of the stairs, we decided we could take out the full-sized closets and add a fantastic reading nook under the stairs. It’s a cozy space for the kids to hang out while mom tackles her work.

Making it work for everyone

Home officenext to cozy reading nook

The home office is now located right next to a cozy reading nook where the children can quietly read and mom can get her work done

Customized built-ins addressed the need for a workspace while also inviting children to be close. Since this part of the basement doesn’t have windows, we kept the space bright and well-lit. It doesn’t feel like a typical basement. We love how the office and reading nook are distinctive, yet fully together.

Bright, basement home office

The bright basement home office offers plenty of work space with custom built-ins.

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