Making the Most of a Small Living Space

Small spaces can be quaint, but they can also contribute to a serious case of claustrophobia. From finding solutions for storage issues to reducing anxiety-inducing chaos, learning how to best design a small space is key to remaining happy in your home. If you’re seeking ways to create a more functional, spacious-feeling home and working with limited square footage, incorporate these space-saving tips.


Furniture with Storage Space

Make your furniture do double duty by purchasing pieces that offer hidden storage options while dutifully serving their original purpose. Hollow foot stools offer the perfect place for extra blankets or books, coffee tables that have plenty of drawer space will make sure there’s less clutter in your living room, and beds with drawers installed underneath function as extra closet space for foldable clothing.

Inject Some Life into Your Space


Decorating with plants is a must-do in modern design, and don’t think that living in a small apartment or home prevents you from taking advantage of this décor option. Use a wall-hanging arrangement like Urbio to arrange and rearrange your various plants as you see fit, as the magnetic system is easy to switch up. Not only do plants add a pleasant bit of greenery to a space, but they also purify the air and support mental clarity, which might be just what the doctor ordered in your small home.

Vertical Storage Options

In many smaller homes, there’s either minimal built-in storage, or none at all. Going vertical is a creative way to create containment options without sacrificing valuable space. You may not have a lot of floor space, but you’ve got walls to take advantage of, and this can solve some of your storage issues. Use vertical storage options to keep as much floor space showing as possible. Tower shelves can reach floor to ceiling and provide plenty of table space for you to hold all of your knick knacks and items that might not yet have a dedicated area.

Get Tidy

If there’s ever been a reason to be organized, it’s when you’re trying to make more space out of a tiny area. Clutter leads to chaos, and the more you see, the more cramped your room will feel. Be sparing with your decor, and choose modern options that capitalize on sleek, clean lines, and don’t contribute to mess. Use a website like Touch of Modern to find inexpensive modern options that will keep your design looking fresh without overwhelming small rooms.

Room Dividers


If your small space is a studio or designed along a similar scheme with few separating walls, consider incorporating room dividers to better designate various spaces. Folding screens are a simple and classic way to carve out different rooms, and they don’t add a ton of visual weight to a space. You can also create more storage with dividers by incorporating a see-through shelving system.

Unify Your Color Scheme

This is a drastic step, but the effects can’t be denied. Using the same paint for both your furniture pieces and your walls lends itself to camouflage, meaning your shelving unit will fit seamlessly with its retaining wall, and let an onlooker’s eye skim over the entire space without interrupting flow. This is an easy way to cut down on visual clutter without dropping a fortune on new couches, shelves, and the like.

When in Doubt, Use Mirrors

The oldest trick in the book for a small space—use mirrors. Reflecting light makes any space look more expansive, and with all sorts of design options to choose from, you can ensure your personal style remains intact as you make your space appear more spacious. Floor to ceiling mirrors are your best bet for expanding the visual appearance of your home, but smaller, gallery-style displays of various shapes of mirror can do the trick.

If you live in a small home and want to ensure it remains your oasis from the outside world, incorporate these space-saving tips and make the most out of the square footage you’ve got.