Marilyn’s Basement Makeover

Brand New Basement Oasis

No one loves a makeover more than I do! I especially love transforming a space to make it flow better and more livable.

I met the absolutely charming couple, Matt and Beth, from Georgetown, Ontario. They moved from their trendy downtown Toronto apartment out to the suburbs, to accommodate their expanding family. One of the reasons they choose their Georgetown home was because it had a large basement with so much potential!

Beth and Matt moved in when Beth was very pregnant and had another little one running around. All of the renovations they planned to make to their newly acquired home quickly fell away. And that is where the Marilyn team and I came in!

We were able to address all of their needs and wants:

  • Pot lights
  • Separate bedroom space
  • More livable
  • More comfortable
  • More toy storage
  • Warmer and brighter

With help from IKEA and Urban Barn.

They were overwhelmed by the finished project and I am so happy I was able to be part of the solution!

Bolder, Brighter Basement

If you would like to transform your basement as we did with Matt and Beth’s, it can be easily done! Just start by de-cluttering the space. Try to take everything you are not using out of the space. Next, define your spaces. Make sure to create individual areas within your larger area for the specific activities you or your family like to do. Lastly, accessorize with colour! Pick a colour or colour story and add pops of it throughout the space. This will breathe new life into your living room while making it user-friendly.

Thanks to for providing us this with the accessories for our in-studio living room makeover!