5 Reasons to Invest in Custom Furniture


They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether it’s the art you hang on the wall or the furniture you select for your home, what you choose to live with every day is a very personal decision.

When you have your mind made up about a style of furniture; something that truly speaks to your idea of beauty but you can’t find it, you might as well just make it yourself. Custom furniture? It’s a great idea.

Personalize your Style

Have you ever purchased a sofa that didn’t quite hit the nail on the head? Furniture that’s purchased from a catalogue or a big box store is likely manufactured in large quantities in a style that will appeal to the masses. If you have a particular style in mind, a custom piece allows you to create something that nobody else in the world has except you!

More Bang for your Buck


It’s not uncommon for the average consumer to cringe when they see the difference in price between a sofa that is crafted by hand compared to one that is mass-produced. You can be rest-assured that there is a difference between the two. The materials that custom manufacturers use for their pieces are often significantly better in quality and you have a wider selection to choose from.

Besides, do you really want to buy new furniture every 10 years? Custom furniture is known to stand the test of time and is better suited to the rigours of your living conditions whether you have children, pets or both!

Make It Your Own


Another obvious benefit to purchasing custom furniture are the amount of options you have at your disposal. You’re able to choose the frame, filling, cushions and much more. You can also choose from a variety of fabrics including stain and water resistant fabrics like crypton. Whether you’re in the market for cushions that are filled with down, feather or poly-fill, the choice is yours.

Time-Honoured Tradition


A sofa or chair that is constructed by hand is a privilege to have. Excellent craftmanship is a skill that is quickly becoming a lost art, which in turn makes it a luxury item. When getting your furniture made, allow it to tell a story that can be passed down for generations to come.

More often than not, your custom-made furniture will be put into the hands of people who care. From the wood that was carved specifically to the width and length requested for your frame, to spring coils that have been hand-tied, your piece is a work of art. Your custom sofa is then that much more special because it tells its own story.

Environmental Impact

These days, we’re more conscious of the environment and world we live in. We often want our homes to reflect a green way of living. There are many furniture makers who are careful about the glues and species of wood they choose, some even go above and beyond North American safety standards.

Although custom-made furniture can be more expensive, in the end, the pros outweigh the cons. So before purchasing your next sofa, let your imagination wander and explore the idea of having a custom made sofa exactly how you want it. It will definitely be a worthy investment in the end.