Refrigeration: Cool Features Home Cooks Want

This article is brought to you by Signature Kitchen Suite.

Modern home kitchen

Signature Kitchen Suite offers the coolest features for the home cook.

Serious home cooks demand the best quality ingredients in the kitchen. Beyond the food itself, they know there’s more to a great meal than how it’s prepared. When it comes to cool features home cooks want, technology and innovation top their list of must-haves, especially when it comes to refrigeration.

The top 3 cool features home cooks want

Precise, consistent temperatures that preserve freshness, design flexibility, and size are the top 3 cool features clients want. One brand has really stayed on top of the rest, Signature Kitchen Suite provides all three. When appliances are the final step in the journey of food to the table, you need the right tools to help you stay true to food.

SKS Column refrigerator

Choose your size, 24″ and 30″ refrigerator columns, and pair it with freezer columns available in various sizes.

Designed for customization, Signature Kitchen Suite offers  24 and 30-inch integrated fridge columns. Not only do both sizes feature the largest capacity in their class, but they can be configured with different or similar sized freezer and wine columns.

Innovative and Cool Features Home Cooks Want

SKS Lift and Go Bins and Drawers™

This counter-height drawer can be easily lifted out, making short work of food prep and assembly.

Cool innovations are a must-have

Keeping temperatures consistent and even is the key to keeping foods fresh. Features like linear compressors and all-metal lined interiors help minimize temperature fluctuations. Lift and Go bins™ offer easy adjusting for customization, like holding large serving platters or taking the whole drawer out for food prep. Even the LED lighting is hidden and focused on the food, not shining back at you. But the feature I like the most is that each column can be configured with another column designed to cleanly fit a 48” opening, perfect for new construction and replacement applications.

Flexible freezer design is a must

SKS 24" Freezer column

Freezers are available in 18, 24, and 30″ columns and fully integrate.

Freezers come in 18, 24, and 30″ integrated columns and provide the largest capacity in the industry. Precisely designed for flush installation, it pairs well with other columns seamlessly. The Signature Kitchen Suite freezers feature precise temperatures and humidity control so your frozen food is protected. The glass and metal interior are an attractive, yet practical feature for keeping the temperature consistent by holding and transferring cold quickly and efficiently.

Refrigerator designed to improve food preservation

Engineered all-metal interior and features like a linear compressor hold the temperature within one degree of fluctuation.

French Door Ingenuity

SKS 36" built-in French door refrigerator

The 36-inch Built-in French door refrigerator is designed to work hard and look beautiful.

The 36″ French door refrigerator offers wide shelves and large bins to hold a lot of larger items. I particularly like the five-mode middle drawer. You can set the temperature for chilled wine, deli meats, and cheese, kids snacks, beverages or drop the temperature down entirely to make it a freezer drawer. How cool is that?

SKS French door refrigerator middle drawer

The middle drawer is convertible, set the temperature for wine storage, snacks for kids, or storage for meats and seafood.

Signature Kitchen Suite wine columns are divine

SKS Wine refrigerator columns

A great kitchen deserves a great wine fridge! Columns are available in 18″ and 24″.

The wine columns are a real treat! Designed with Wine Cave Technology™, it’s like the ideal wine storage environment found in historical old world caves. There are four deterrents to a good wine; vibration, light, temperature changes, and humidity. But, Wine Cave Technology™ ensures the enemies are kept at bay.

SKS 24" wine columns

You don’t have to have a wine cave in the basement when you can show off beautiful wine storage like this.

With independent temperature zones for your favourite varieties and dark tinted, triple-paned glass your wines are protected. For the collector, with the touch of the glass, you can preset lights to highlight your collection. Even the shelves are made of raw beech wood, not stained this protects the bottles from taking on a chemical smell from the stained wood.

Optional integrated design

SKS Seamless built-in refrigerator

Truly integrated, the built-in design adds seamless beauty to your kitchen.

Flexible design, where you can customize the size of your refrigerator, freezer, and wine columns is an exciting feature to present to clients.  There are dozens of ways to configure your cool appliances to work together seamlessly. If you consider yourself a Technicurean™ you’ll want to see the whole product line of the Signature Kitchen Suite.